Bars By Billy Opens Up on ‘Just Venting To Myself’

Bars By Billy

In the hip hop music scene there are many artists that try to build up a fantastical image of strength, power, and mischief. This can work for a while but the true person will peek through eventually. The artist that is willing to be himself and share their life with the world opens up some other opportunities. Fans can relate to an artist that lives a life much like they do but has the ability to write songs about this relatable journey. Our recent discovery Bars By Billy provides this breath of fresh air to the hip hop scene.

There is no hiding behind a mask for Bars By Billy. He puts everything on full display for everyone to see. Tough issues such as substance abuse and bipolar disorder are delivered with Billy’s unique blend of humor and heartfelt honesty. Inspiration can be heard from all over the map. Hip hop legends like MF DOOM, Chance The Rapper, and Run The Jewels combine with alt-rock sounds from Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Say Anything to form the unique Bars By Billy brand.

The recently released Just Venting To Myself mixtape is an open diary into the highs and lows of life, from silly antics to real life struggles. The record opens with “mirtazapine mimosa hits” to show off the impressive lyrical flow that Bars By Billy has the ability to spit. The worlds come fast and furious but also make you think as they come at you.

Multiple producers are brought in throughout the mixtape. This adds layers of uniqueness and highlights the cooperative spirit of the artists involved. On “mumbling” we get some flavor from alibeatz with a bouncy trap beat. Your head will be bopping along without you even knowing it is happening as the lyrics flow again. “Stoned To Death” switches it up with a more laid back beat to settle into. Rapper Yak comes in for a feature on this one as well. This community feel welcomes everyone in to be part of the family that Bars By Billy is building. Producers, rappers, and fans are all welcome to be part of it.

Hear ‘Amethyst’ from Bars By Billy

There is a darker feel to “Amethyst” with a deeper beat and some flows that dive deeper into the dark sides of reality. We all visit this place sometimes. It is nice to have a relatable artist that is right there with us. Drugs are a part of the scene, let’s support each other and keep each other safe as we experiment. 

The flows speed up a little on “Burnout” showing the range of what Bars By Billy has to offer. We even get a rock edge on “word vomit” with a bunch of different sounds creeping into the mix. “Drinking outta cups” focuses more on sample play with another wall of sounds setting the stage for our ears and minds to sit back and absorb it all. 

The album closes on an elegant note with “symbiote.” A smooth electric piano leads the way over the easy going beat. The vocal delivery matches well. Elegant but poignant. This is the world according to Bars By Billy and we are all a part of it now.

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