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T Law Is “Coming For Ya”

With a world riddled with negativity and conflict, positivity and inspiration is needed more than ever before. Music is an outlet in which we can seek out those positive feelings. T Law is no stranger to making music that leaves you feeling good. The Chicago based rapper has always set out with that exact goal

Leol Will Make You “Move”

Looking for a song with a fresh beat that’ll have you swaying along to the music? Leol’s newest song “Move” might be just the thing for you! Iyan Leol is a music video director, recording artist, and highly acclaimed producer based out of “the windy city” Chicago, Illinois.  As an emerging artist Leol has been

DUNxG Shows Off His “Evolution”

As a second generation hip-hop group, Oakland, CA’s DUNxG has a deep seeded history in music. DUNxG is compromised of S.O.T.U. (Son of the underground) and bandmate MEGA. Formed by the son of Jimi “Chopmaster J” Dright of Digital Underground, S.O.T.U. was raised within the music industry and knew he had to continue on with