E-EYE’S Lifts Us Up With ‘Pink Sand & Purple Oceans’


Music does not always come to you as fast as you want it to. It will try you and test your dedication to the craft. But great things are worth the wait and effort, right? Our new discovery E-EYE’S has been in the music scene for a while through some ups and downs. After two years of hard work he finally released his newest album Pink Sand & Purple Oceans.

The Houston, Texas based artist has multiple talents. E-EYE’S is a singer, positive rapper, songwriter, dancer, fashion designer and an overall burst of creativity. From an early age he knew that he was destined to be a performer. E-EYE’S has made himself a part of the pop music scene meeting such stars as Patti Labelle, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell and more. He even appeared in a couple music videos for gospel artists like Trin-i-Tee 5:7 and Amber Bullock. The heat is real.

On March 24th, E-EYE’S released his new album Pink Sand & Purple Oceans. The 9 track record shows off the imaginative creativity that the artist has ready for the world. After a very interesting (and a little dark) intro we dive into the lead single “Merry Go Round.” Some innovative production eases us in as E-EYE’S lays down some smooth vocals that pour out some real feelings. This love is for real. 

‘Crash & Burn’ With E-EYE’S

The beat picks up on “Nobody” with a cool and unique drumbeat that brings the freshness. The way that E-EYE’S has with words is impressive. The listener gets sucked into the story and the positive mindset that the artist shares. “Crash & Burn” continues this by letting all his struggles come out and the acceptance of what they were and how we can all push through to be better. 

The album closes with more positivity on “Live Your Life.” In fact there are two separate versions that each offer their own vibe. The flows lay it all out there and hits on the realness that we all need to hear. E-EYE’S gets us!

Keep up with what is coming next on his INSTAGRAM.

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