The Break Plans Say It’s Okay To Be “Sad Sometimes”

Now that live music is finally starting to make a comeback, it’s a perfect time to show some love to your local bands and artists. This time I’m going to be reviewing a local NJ band of mine, The Break Plans and their new single “Sad Sometimes.”

The Break Plans are a three-piece pop/rock band based out of Freehold, New Jersey. The band got its start in the summer of 2019 and consists of members Colton Braun (lead vocals/piano), Mikey Strawz (guitar/back up vocals), and Dan Carr (drums). 

Much of their musical inspiration comes from artists their parents played while they grew up including the likes of The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Boston and other classic rock from the 60’s-80’s. Take these inspirations and mix them with more modern artists such as U2, The Killers, and Coldplay, and you have The Break Plans sound. 

With an upbeat, positive, happy, and catchy sound, The Break Plans music is sure to have you moving along to the beat.  

Their newest single “Sad Sometimes” continues this sound but dives deeper into its meaning. It’s an “in your feels” song reflecting on the rollercoaster of life and how time moves by in the blink of an eye. What I love about this song is that it assures you that it’s okay to be sad and that you’re not alone.  

Lead vocalist Colton Braun recently had a milestone birthday that he wasn’t really feeling. Guitarist/backup vocalist Mikey Strawz described the song as “a sad boy birthday song to himself (Colton) about his current headspace and feels.”

Watch The Break Plans “Sad Sometimes” Here

“We definitely want people to know that it’s one million percent okay to be sad sometimes. Being sad is a part of life and no matter what position or part of life we are all in, sadness is normal.”

“There are always ups and downs in life and with the good, comes the bad. And we really do hope that everyone can find that inner happiness when they need it, but if they can’t we’ll always be there for them. Our last line in the song really says it best, “we’ll get through this together you and I.”

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