Neon Dreams Says “It’s All Good”

A blushing bassline hints at what lies ahead in the opening bars of the new single “It’s All Good” from Neon Dreams, but if you think this is exclusively what defines the framework of the act’s new release, you’re in for quite a surprise this September. Neon Dreams has been one of the more talked about underground vehicles for intrigue in all of the indie circuit over the past several months, and while it partly has something to do with the vibrancy of their output, it’s got even more to do with the personality they impart to every bit of music they record.

The vocal delivery here is really seamless, but it’s not made through a synthetic system that we could find anywhere else on the FM dial. Truth be told, I’ve always got the impression from Neon Dreams’ music that following the leader is anything but their first priority when they get into the studio, and in this sense, there’s really nothing changing about their sound and their style in “It’s All Good.” What’s exciting about their future is their uniqueness, which can often be a hurdle for some bands that have a hard time figuring out their core ideals as a unit.

I get the feeling that there were probably some different versions of this song sitting on the table before Neon Dreams decided to pull the trigger on this incarnation of “It’s All Good,” but this isn’t to say that they sound even the least bit scattered with their performance. There are just so many different ways they could have assembled this groove, and for there to have not been a variety of different arrangements they toyed with would be really surprising to me as both a critic and a fan of deeper-thinking musical acts.

Neon Dreams are still finding where they belong in the international underground, but as an act, I don’t think there’s any debating their substance in a song like “It’s All Good.” The music video is a good standalone piece, but when considering what really matters to this crew, it’s their compositional wit that’s starting to sound and feel like their natural treasure. There’s more to unearth within their artistry, but for anyone who wants a taste of what they do best, I have a feeling that listening to “It’s All Good” is going to clue you into all of the hype like nothing else can.

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