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Present Company are an alt-indie outfit out of Minneapolis Minnesota. The four-piece has released their second album, the self-titled Present Company. Their sophomore record shows off their style, full of tight grooves and quirky post-punk flair. Their sound arrives at a sonic intersection of bands like The National, LCD Soundsystem, Talking Heads, and The Smiths. The band infuses their eclectic array of influences with an array of emotions; angst, anxiety, and off-kilter excitement are all palpable in the captivating atmosphere the band creates.

A short intro leads into this album, setting the scene for the album. “I Can’t Turn It Off” follows with a groovy beat. Drums and bass lay the rhythm down, with some accentuation from the piano. Off-kilter vocals turn the track upside down. A psychedelic guitar comes in, painting the track with shifting shades of colors. The song calms down before a solo with a lead tone that is seasick and screaming, tears the track up alongside some sleek percussion.

As one of the lead singles in anticipation of this album, “It’s Not Looking Good” defines the chaotic tone that Present Company create. The band leans into the new wave aesthetic with a beat that sounds a bit retro. Elegant and overdramatic before the angst on the vocals pushes into new territory, sounding delightfully unhinged. There is beauty in the chaos on this song.

Watch The Music Video For “Forever” Here

“Forever” is another defining song for this album, and a track promising to be a hit for present company. This one sounds like a haunting club hit, with a melody that keeps climbing higher. Ethereal, shimmering textures that would fit in on an alien planet swirl around. Despite everything the drum and bass keep the track grounded, with a fill around every corner to keep you on your toes.

Watch The Video For “This Time” Here

“This Time” follows “Something’s Not Right.” This track feels a little more radio friendly, relatable lyrics and bright poppy synths sugarcoat the dark post-punk core of the song. an aggressive drum beat and a sleek chorus turn this into a catchy wall of sound.

“Drive” is an interesting track, as it feels like something straight out of the shoegaze scene, with muted vocals and reverb hiding a massive guitar sound. This one has the sound of standing outside a concert venue at night.

Oftentimes the ending of an album can have the biggest impact of how it is remembered. Present company deliver a slow, atmospheric, yet powerful sendoff for their self-titled on “Dead Plants.” This track is the longest on the album, but doesn’t overstay its welcome. This song feels like a pleasant wrap-up of the sound and aesthetic, drifting away the the frenetic chaos into a hazy, dreamlike euphoria.

Present Company are establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in indie-rock. Their new self-titled release is a very strong record for them and is set to put them on the map. If you enjoyed their self-titled album be sure to keep up with Present Company as they are sure to make it big in the future.

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