Nate Newburn Opens Up With Lazarburn

Nate Newburn

Music has acted as a voice of protest since the first rocks were banged together to make a beat. An artist has the chance to express themself and their passions in song. Our recent discovery Nate Newburn takes this personally on his debut album Lazarburn.

Born in Los Angeles, California, the Singer-songwriter, humanitarian, environmentalist, cannabis activist, and avid surfer is an absolute free spirit that lets the world take him where it may. At the age of 16 Nate Newburn moved to Cape Town, South Africa. Here he immersed himself in local culture, ethnic music, and the breathtaking nature. His mission became clear. Create music to help defend Mother Earth.

Now back in Los Angeles, Nate Newburn is blazing his own trail with a unique sound and a message to the world. His album Lazarburn is a testament to the positive protest movement spearheaded by conscious folk rockers Xavier Rudd, Michael Franti, and Nahko. 

The opener “Did You Hear?” sets the tone right away with a sound that is seemingly raw but complex as the layers sweep in. The distinctive voice of Nate Newburn adds another level of attention to grab onto. The video pairs well to tell the story he is out to share.

The artist is more than willing to say what is on his mind on “Can’t Be Swayed (No More)”. The world has tried to change Nate Newburn but his resolve has remained steadfast. He calls out the detractors of his lifestyle with no intentions of ever conforming. He expands this on “Don’t Talk To Me” with no regrets. 

There is a more psychedelic feel on “Ready For The Forest” as multiple instruments climb into the mix to build a full wall of sound. There is a lot to take in here as we go on a musical journey with Nate at the lead. The album closes with “Dreams Of My Beaded Pondo Hat”. It is a folk-laden track that features more of his unique guitar and lyrical style. The world of Nate Newburn is an open book that he has no qualms about sharing with the world. 

Learn more about Nate Newburn HERE.

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