TWOFEW Picks Up Speed With ‘On The Run’


We all need to admit that there are many situations that are out of our control. This current world pandemic situation is a perfect example of this. As musicians, we must be the voice of these situations and give examples of how to cope with them. Recent discovery TWOFEW takes this to heart with their new single “On The Run”.

The new project was formed during these recent lockdowns by founding member of Phoenix-based alt-rock band Complicate/Simple, Michael Lazar, and his wife, Danielle. Music began to flow and the duo knew they were on to something. The laid back piano/bass/vocals dynamic took a shift as Michael’s brother David came in to provide a lead guitar element. Soon after Erik Fernandez joined to fill out the sound with rhythm guitar. TWOFEW was developing quickly as the musical passion and direction gained strength.

Music Video for ‘On The Run’

With the lineup set, debut single “On The Run” came together in a single studio session. The track is about how it feels when you’re overwhelmed by circumstances you are unable to control. It is dedicated to friend Kendra, “Kesos,” who lost her battle with Lupus earlier this year. This topic is very dear to TWOFEW as Michael Lazar suffers from the same crippling disease. 

The elegant “On The Run” brings piano rock to new levels with a mellow feel. The emotion of Michael’s lyrical delivery can be felt right away. The seemingly simple track is full of layers that mesh effortlessly into a full sonic storm. Grace and beauty are two words that come to mind trying to describe the song. 

TWOFEW is currently hard at work writing new songs and diving into the studio to record them. The group has plans to release another single in 2020 called “Dreamin,'” as well as another single, “Fighting For,” in early 2021.

Keep a lookout and get a free download of “On The Run” on their WEBSITE now.

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