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Dusty Cubby is ‘Bhammered’

Being a band hoping to stick around for a while means being willing to evolve. As skills improve and trends change you must be willing to experiment and grow as a band. Fans do not want the same song over and over again no matter how good it is. Our recent discovery Dusty Cubby is

Emo Rapper Hoodie Rob Lets The “Teardrops” Flow

You should already know! After exploding on the scene with “Misa Misa”, garnering almost a million and a half streams on Spotify, and then cementing his place along the alternative rap timeline on follow ups “Ain’t the Same” and “What Do You Mean”, gifted NYC based indie artist Hoodie Rob presents his emotional new single

grxxdisgxxd Is No Longer ‘Loveless’

Releasing your music to the world can be a different experience for everyone. Our songwriting creations can often be very personal. There will always be a fear of people not understanding the music you create. Our new friend grxxdisgxxd is finally taking the leap and has the perfect attitude towards it. Based on the West