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ITSOKAYTOCRY Releases Single “Bi-Polar Freestyle”

ITSOKAYTOCRY is tatted to the brim with Gothic emblems and sentiments. Holding that type of character on Hip-Hop’s platform would have been something probably mocked or abandoned around fifteen years ago. Now, it’s a fad that people from the stretches of the northern city and the suburban stretches can pursue without rabid ostracisation. “Bi-Polar Freestyle”

20 Best Songs to Improve Your Workout Session

Music can stimulate energy, help you keep the morale high and provide you with the extra pang of hormones to keep you going. Music motivates exercise and helps kill any sudden desires to break off from schedule. Here are twenty great songs that can help you out. 1. Snoop Dogg & David Guetta – ‘Sweat’

How Sports And Music Inspire Each Other

Sports can create a lot of emotion and passion, particularly amongst fans. For some, the emotion comes from their associations with family members or friends who they follow the sport with. For others, this emotion comes from the sheer excitement of the action. Music can capture this emotion and help to convey it and even