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Meet Parker Longbough ‘Off Front Street’

Parker Longbough opens his new album Off Front Street with an abrasive blast of rock guitar. “Off Front Street,” the album’s title song, doesn’t follow a single path, however, as he alternates between those distorted six-string firestorms and nervy fill-focused verses. The song’s brisk heartbeat mixes it up with occasional accents on the pulse and the drums

Parker Longbough Leads Us To Make ‘A Left On Tri’

Anchorage, Alaska’s, Parker Longbough return with the full-length new release, Left On Tri. The songs were written around the same time as their sophomore album, Bridges To Nowhere, with songwriter and bandleader Matthew Witthoeft at the helm. The album is centered around living in a cabin in the woods, with Witthoeft telling various true stories