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IBG Interview: Jamie-Lee Dimes

With a voice like velvet and a musical style unmatched, Australian multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Jamie-Lee Dimes is back with her new single, “Virginia.” From its distorted, dreamy guitar sounds to Dimes’ bewitching voice throughout, the track is eerily sedative, and my mind and body beautifully morph into one as it unfolds. Combining ethereal instrumentals and all-powerful lyrics,

Jaime-Lee Dimes Asks Herself To “Release Me”

I envision two versions of Jaime-Lee Dimes while watching the video for her new single, “Release Me.” The first is in lockstep with the song and video. It’s slow. Contemplative and melancholy. Uncomfortably bright and claustrophobically open. Stark to the point of feeling naked. It’s gothic horror at its best. The song is beautiful, sharing