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Rob Eberle Lets Us Know ‘I Can’t Say Goodbye’

Prolific young Singer/Songwriter/Producer Rob Eberle is proud to present his sophomore ep release, “i can’t say goodbye”, now available on Spotify and all the major music services.  Listening to the lyrics on his debut ep, “WHERE’S MY MIND?”, there is no doubt that “High School” Rob Eberle’s life had been the living proof of teenage

Rob Eberle Provides Solace on ‘Reckless’

Continuing his march up the stairway to stardom, burgeoning upstart Singer/Songwriter/Producer Rob Eberle has teamed up with powerful vocalist April Rose Gabrielli for “Reckless”, the latest offering from his forthcoming sophomore release.  The after-prom that was supposed to be the start of their lives was lost due to irresponsible intoxication. Two lovers attend a party,