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The Refusers Drop New Single

Rebelliousness has been everywhere in music in the last few years, but if there’s a true-blue rock and roll band around these days that could care less about avant-garde tones and experimental concepts, it’s The Refusers, who openly reject trends and those who would seek to set them in their forceful new single, “Propaganda.” “Propaganda”

The Refusers’ Release “Live Free”

Political thought has been influencing music far beyond the realm of rock artists for many years, and in The Refusers’ music video for “Live Free,” their latest single, the aesthetic has an undisputedly profound effect on every element we see and hear. “Live Free” delivers a barrage of hard rock that has been stylized into

The Refusers Drop Amazing Single

While a lot of artists have been touching on different political sentiments in the past few years, there haven’t been many players interested in addressing the politics of authoritarianism through the lens of a more classical theme, and in “Eat the Bugs,” that’s precisely what Seattle-based punks The Refusers accomplish. Despite the experimental nature of