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Temperature Falls Drops “Zuzu’s Petals”

Another chance meeting of musicians results in an amazing collaboration. This story seems to be more and more common in the independent music industry. I am a firm believer that there is a Musical Fate out there that leads artists to other artists that will complement each other to create something sonically pleasing. Our latest

Oscar Oscar Melts Minds With ‘Yuika’

Upbeat melancholy. It sounds like an oxymoron. In most ways it is. But sometimes you may find a vibe or a wavelength that just seems to encapsulate the notion.   Consider a nice beach… during a thunderstorm. Or a song that uplifts you while leaving a sense of sorrow hanging in the air, yet still

Murochny Takes Us On A Psychedelic Trip

Creating music will always be about exploring your own mind. Amazing sonic experiences are within everyone. The dedicated and talented few are able to get that music out of their head and into the world. Our latest discovery Murochny has found this outlet and is ready for everyone to hear.   Born in a small