There is one common theme the world over for bands that want success for their careers; hard work.  It must be consistent and persistent.  There is no easy formula to become a well-known and prosperour artist.  Unfortunately there are too many bands out there that think that they are entitled to become famous just because they wrote a few good songs.  It is not going to happen.  You must add dedication as well as blood, sweat, and tears to get to stardom.  There are bands that get this though.  We found one recently in That Sunday Feeling.

The 5-piece alternative rock band from Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom has made it their supreme goal to aim high and achieve success on their own terms.  That Sunday Feeling made the decision to self-manage themselves from the band’s start back in 2010.  By April of that year singer Joe Atkinson and bassist Jay Imlach had found their partners in rock and roll crime in drummer Peter Coppin and guitarist David Stephens.  More recently they added Andrew Thomas on piano and co-vocals to complete the group.  When these guys are not playing music they are working on ways to get exposure or searching for producers and video directors to work with to help them with their goal.  It must be working.  That Sunday Feeling has achieved nationwide radio play and currently has over 700,000 views of their YouTube videos.  The band has toured hard as well to gain their following.  They have criss-crossed the UK 8 times already with the likes of, Attack!Attack! and arguably one of England’s biggest pop rock acts McFLY.

A few months ago that Sunday Feeling released a self-titled EP to let their fans take hold of their music.  The 6 track record puts it all out on the table.  As the band says “We believe in our music and the sentimental meaning behind it, always aiming to put our fans before anything else, our main focus is and always has been to make people happy through song”.  That is easy to recognize here.  The opening track ‘Headstrong’ is a fun and bouncy sing along rock song that is impossible to not want to dance to.  A great start to suck in the listener.  The piano based ‘Greater Heights’ feel like it reaches right into the listener’s heart and finds a home for itself.  Atkinson’s vocals sound heartfelt and very relatable while his voice soars and hits every note.  The band really shows their musical chops on ‘You’re So Vain’.  Coppin’s drumming is amazing on this track.  Power alternative rock at its best.

That Sunday Feeling just released a new song ‘Conversations (With My Inner Self)’and touching video for the warm track.  Watch it here:

Go get on the That Sunday Feeling bandwagon before all your friends are telling you about them.  Find them here:

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