We always speak of how many different genres of music there are and how there is a niche for everyone who wants to make music for a living.  In today’s world it is even easier to get your music out there and find places to offer your creations as musical background.  One such area is the film and television world.  With the inordinate amount of TV channels, shows, and movies being made each day there is a large need for musical pieces to score this medium.  Film would be extremely boring without a musical background with it.  Luckily there are some musicians out there already doing it extremely well.  One such artist is Simon Dallas-Chapman.

The 48 year old British born Composer/Performer is not new to this game as he has been involved in music production for over 30 years.  He says the inspiration for his Ambient Electronica and Cinematic Themes are found in Nature and Spirituality.  It is easy to hear that Simon pours his passion into creating these soundscapes.  He has been gaining attention via the internet and has seen his download sales increase exponentially.  Simon is currently independent but available directly for all kinds of musical production.  He also prides himself on short turnaround times for his creations.

Recently, Simon Dallas-Chapman has released an album of Electronic Ambiance entitled Seasons Of Gaia.  It is 8 tracks of music that can transport the listener to a more relaxing world almost instantly.  The songs have names such as ‘Anja’ and ‘Svadhisthana’ and ‘Muladhara’ but the titles do not need to be understood to get absorbed into the sound.  I could hear these songs as background music in any film that has an introspective scene without much dialogue.  At the same time this album is great for listening to when you have the time to just sit back and relax and let your mind drift into a more chilled out mood.  When you are ready for a refresh take a listen for yourself at:




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