Music can be much more than just sounds that you can sing and dance to.  It is known to have many healing and spiritual powers to help the listener achieve the state of being that they are searching for.  Still reeling from a couple of non-stop weeks of hard work recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in my hometown of Staten Island, NY, I needed something to try to help me gain my inner peace again.  I may have found just the thing in The Silver Snails.

The husband and wife team of Lucas Ward and Elisa Fantini, state that their mission is to open human hearts through song.  Perfect for me right now.  The Silver Snails hail from the medieval wine country of Romagna, Italy and incorporate musical influences from everywhere including classic rock and pop, Beethoven, electronica, Irish, jazz, Nigerian, Kawali, Asian folk music, and more.  It is quite a diverse background but they manage to tie it all together into stunning 5 minute songs.

The debut album from The Silver Snails is titled simply The 7 Melodies.  Not so simple is the goal of the album to create an integrated musical spell designed to unlock joy and unleash magic within the lives of those who listen.  Obviously this wasn’t created haphazardly but instead pieced together over 2 years of diligent work.  The songs have their Beatles-esqe pop roots but stray adventurously far from pop music while remaining melodic.  Different languages are featured such as English, Italian, and French, with touches of Mandarin and Sanscrit, but the beauty of the music remains even when you can not translate the lyrics.  The opener ‘Dancing With The Stars’ is a hummable ear pleasing track that is perhaps the most radio friendly pop song of the record.  The haunting atmospheric open of ‘Waltz For 2 Moons’ builds to an electronica feel and even incorporates a spoken word type bridge.  This is far from pop but none the less gorgeous.  The instrumental track ‘Danza dei Foulard’ has an almost medieval feel to it before incorporating a simple yet extremely interesting and bouncy keyboard line.  This song does strange things to your psyche, in a good way.  The album finishes with the Caribbean island influenced ‘Coco Loco’, a fun, happy song that is sure to bring a smile to your face.  Overall each song builds off of a different frequency of emotion that combines to bring your mind to a state of relaxation and peace.  When you are in need of a reboot go take a listen to The Silver Snails at:

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