Yes it is true that each area of the world has their own specific musical style but these styles are now recognized everywhere and bands are popping up in every corner of the globe playing these different styles.  The Blues began in the southern part of America but can now be heard everywhere by talented bands.  Luckily we recently discovered the blues powerhouse from Israel, The Ori Naftaly Band.

Ori Naftaly Band

The band only began performing back in Israel in November of 2011 but quickly gained a large following locally and expanded to other parts of the world even touring in the USA and Netherlands.  The recognition kept on coming for The Ori Naftaly Band after they won the Israeli Blues Challenge Competition.  This earned them a spot in the International Blues Competition in Memphis, Tennessee.  The band was not just happy to be there but went on the Semi-Finals of the contest, becoming the first band from Israel to ever accomplish that feat.

The band shows no sign of slowing down and recently released their second full-length album Happy For Good.  The 8 track record features a mix of styles including electric blues, funk, rock and soul.  The opener “Set Me Free” sets the tone right away.  This is a multi-talented band that can bring the blues.  The sped up “Taxi Driver” stood out to me.  The energy throughout this song is high and will keep the listener bouncing along to the beat.  The guitar work is fantastic here while not staying in the little box that many blues guitarist remain inside.  A truly funky groove is brought in on “Envy”.  This opens up The Ori Naftaly Band’s dimensions even more.  The musical talent is undeniable.  The title track “Happy For Good” sums up the record well with a fun straight forward beat that brings back memories of some of the Blues greats.  This is definitely a band to check out if you ever want to be livened up by the Blues.  Find more here:

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