With the advances in technology recording your music at home has never been easier.  With the right tools any artist can afford to release their music to the world quickly and easily without the help of a record label.  This has helped explode the independent music scene both in number of bands and in the quality of recording that they release.  The low cost to entry has built tons of home recording studios around the world and just as many “producers” swearing that they can produce the best record ever for you.

The truth is that we live in the best time in history to be making music.  The Beatles would have killed for what the average musician has in their home studio now.  But the downside is that all that power sometimes comes with a cost as you need to be able to know how to use the tools …and the user manuals are not in language easily understood by musicians.  (Have you ever tried reading one of those, it is maddening!)  Fortunately there are places on the internet to gain this knowledge while sitting right in front of the board in your home studio.  Indie Band Guru has scoured the web and has found the best teacher of home recording techniques out there.  How cool would it be to have David Wills, a 25 year veteran Audio Engineer that has worked with such talents as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Phil Collins & Chicago become your Personal Coach training you to become a Home Recording Expert?

We have partnered with David and ProAudioDVDs.com to offer his brand new, must have, FREE video course The Top 5 Essential Secrets Every Recording Musician Must Know!  This video is a great introduction to the easy style of teaching that David provides.  He is able to relate to all types of musicians so well it is like you have him in the room with you.

Go get your copy of the free video now at:


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