One of the most important things in getting your music noticed is finding your niche.  You don’t have to go along with what is currently the hot music scene.  It will change next month anyway.  Find the music that is in your heart and let it out into the world with a passion that only you can give it.  We recently came across a man and his band that sticks to their guns of putting out the best music possible even if they have to travel across the country to find the right studio.  Welcome to the world of Everett Lee & Underground Stampede.

The country/southern rock band has blazed an impressive trail in their home town of western NY.  In fact according to, Everett Lee & Underground Stampede is the #1 ranked country band in the area.  Underground Stampede was founded by Everett Lee “Bud” Scritchfield, Jr. (Lead Vocals, Guitar), along with Tommy Bijak (Vocal, Guitar), Chris Skea (Bass), and Danny Nelligan (Percussion).  They have had an intense collaboration with instant chemistry allowing them to write and record music that is a part of them all and has found them opening for some of the greatest southern rock bands to come through their area.  Being from an area not known for its country roots has not slowed them down and they have impressed the right people.  The band was invited to CMA Music fest in Nashville, Tennessee in June 2011 & 2012. CMA Music Fest is one of the largest Country Music festivals in the United States. The band was invited By World Famous “TOOTSIES” to sign autographs and meet fans inside the CMA fan fair hall.  They must have really touched a nerve down there because the band started working with Grammy Nominated Producer, Robert White Johnson. The 25 year veteran on the Nashville music community has been involved as a producer/writer on songs that have sold over 20 million records worldwide.

Recently the band released a 3 song EP recorded in Nashville to showcase their sound.  They are honored to have had the opportunity to publish and record for the very first time, the song ‘Lookin’ Down on the Moon.  The song was composed by Johnny Roy Van Zant (Lynyrd Skynyrd) and Donald Van Zant (.38 Special).  It is a fun track that tells a great story.  Everett’s vocals are perfect for the song and his ability to hold the notes exactly as they need to be held is extraordinary.  The hit of the EP is ‘Attitude’.  Another great story that paints a picture within the sounds of an upbeat country tune.  The piano and guitar work truly stands out as well.

Go take a listen for yourself at:

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