Just wanted to put up a quick post to show appreciation for a band that knows how to do a music conference.  During CMJ 2012 the band Midnight Spin got out there and made connections and promoted their music.  The biggest key though is that they had the wherewithal to follow up with the connections that they made.  Treat your band as a business and put in the work every day.  If you just promise to do something every day to push your band forward it will pay huge results in the end.  I had heard the name Midnight Spin before around Brooklyn, but never had a chance to listen to their music.  Now because of Drummer Danny Scull’s outgoing personality and follow up abilities they have made a new fan (and quite the tastemaker at that) in the Indie Band Guru.

Let me introduce Midnight Spin to you with their latest video for the song ‘Neuroin’.


Find out more at:






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