New York is home to so many singer-songwriters that good ones sometimes get lost in the crowd.  The reality is that the best artists from all over the country end up moving to NYC because that is where they know that they have to be to get noticed and get the break that they need.  It goes back to the old adage “dime a dozen”.  The key is to find a way to set yourself apart from the masses.  One way is to combine your talents with a like-minded and talented individual.  I found couple of talented musicians that did just that.  Welcome to the world of Walking for Pennies.

The moniker is not just a clever name.  It relates to a time when Andy Jobe (vocals, guitar) and Neeley Bridges (vocals, mandolin) were actually walking dogs for enough money to pay the rent, hence Walking For Pennies.  These two talented songwriters met at a music theory class at NYU and then reunited at a production of Les Miserables in Vermont of all places.  When they released that they could combine their skills to create something different than the everyday singer-songwriter, they were really on to something.

Now the team of Walking For Pennies has released their debut album Forget About Wonderland to a warm reception in the New York scene.  The album was recorded and mixed at Ears & Gears Studios by Mor Mezrich.  The album is filled with songs that feature the specialties of each musician such as ‘Nashville’ which features Neeley’s cheery vibrato voice and mandolin.  ‘Black Picket Fences’ highlights Jobe’s ability to hold a note with his strong yet charming voice.  The song jumps back and forth from mellow to aggressive taking the listener on an interesting ride.  The album touches on a bunch of different styles that they seem to all do well.  From the country tinged ‘Who I’m Supposed to Be’ to the jazzy ‘ Truth has Been Told’ to the almost alt-rock title track ‘Forget About Wonderland’.

Overall, Walking For Pennies has released a complete and impressive debut record in Forget About Wonderland.  We recommend going to give it a listen at:



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