If you haven’t noticed by now, there has been a major shift in mainstream rock radio lately back to the raw classic sound of rock and roll.  When a band can sound great without all the production tricks available in the studio today, that really says something of their true talent.  We came across another band recently that is keeping it raw and real with a sound that is pure and somewhat raunchy.  Let us introduce you to The Weekenders.

The Salt Lake City, Utah band plays a raw, in your face rock n’ roll that covers rock sounds from the 70’s to today.  Upon first listen there are definitely similarities heard to bands like The Black Keys and White Stripes but The Weekenders also add the classic rock feel of Led Zeppelin and the dirty guitar sound and introspective lyrics of 90’s grunge.  The band is made up of Rob Reinfurt on guitar and lead vocals, Bob Melanson on bass, Mike Sasich on lead guitar, and John Murphy holding down the drums.  The band has been through some rough times being on the wrong side of the law at times but these experiences created some inspiration to write some heavy and reflective songs.

The Weekenders have recently released their debut album Don’t Plan On, a nine song collection of fuzz-laden riff rock and gritty introspective lyrics.  From the opening notes of ‘Yankee Easy Sugar’ the band sets the listener up to be sucked in to a bluesy world where the lyrics are as important as the sounds.  These are roaring songs that take you through the last 40 years of good rock music, from the psychedelic feel of ‘Open Lands’ to the almost folk storytelling of ‘Sixty Five Dove Street. ‘Somatic Spirit’ is reminiscent of a classic Soundgarden song with Reinfurt using his voice to its full abilities.  The final track on the record, ‘Penn Station’ is a downshift of the earlier force of their music but shows that The Weekenders can slow it down when needed and put out a mellow song to calm your frazzled nerves.

‘Don’t Plan On’ by the Weekenders is a highly recommended record for fans of straight up rock n’ roll music.  Go take a listen at:




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