We all know that fashion in music will always be a big deal even though it is changing constantly.  Some bands even place the fashion ahead of the actual music.  Sadly this attracts more than a few followers that just want to look “cool” even though they don’t even know the music.  People have worn everything from Michael Jackson’s studded red leather jacket to Madonna’s lace gloves and rubber bracelets to flannel button down shirts during the grunge era.  One standard that will never go out of style though is the rock concert T-Shirt.  It is a classic.

Some people collect them at shows and never actually even wear the shirt.  Others wear them every day until they are faded and see through.  There are still the posers that buy the shirt because of a cool design and don’t even know the band.  How many times have you seen this shirt on someone who has no idea of the horror punk band they are representing?

I personally have a huge collection of rock t-shirts that I am very proud of.  From the unworn ones that hang in my closet like a trophies of shows I have been to such as this one :

And this classic:

To these shirts where I was unable to ever see the band live but still want to show my support for their greatness:


Obviously it would be crazy for me to tell you I bought all these shirts at a live performance by the band.  It just isn’t possible.  But I did find a website that has a ridiculously large collection of great shirts at much cheaper prices than any concert you have ever been to.  I don’t normally recommend websites but these guys do it right and send me quality merchandise every time I order.  Go check out the assortment for yourself at:



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