We all know the stories of relatives, particularly brothers, having troubles within a band (see Oasis, BeeGees, etc.) Sibling rivalry and in-fighting can be the downfall even when the music is there to support a top band. But what about when you put 2 sets of brothers in one band with a close friend thrown in to the mix to balance it all out? That is the beginning of the story of our latest find, The Urchins.

The Urchins

The band was founded back in 2012 in the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland. The Urchins sound is assortment of influences from 60’s pop to new wave synths to experimental rhythms. Somehow it all comes together to sound fresh and approachable. The band has covered most of the top venues in their region such as the O2 and The Barrowlands but are now set to spread their music to the rest of the world.

Today The Urchins released their debut single “I Feel A Fall Coming” on Platform Records which is available on all your favorite download websites. The track opens with a funky bass line backed up with some haunting synth melodies to set the song apart from the commonplace. The beat will work its way inside the listeners head and bring the focus to the lyrics and impressive guitar technique. The B-Side “Getting Old Too Soon” is more of a punk song with enough pop melodies to keep it singable by the masses. We are excited to see where else The Urchins take their signature sound. Keep up with the band at: www.facebook.com/theurchinsglasgow

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