It is a rough Sunday morning after a late night out last night so I was searching for something a little different while still having enough pep to get me moving.  When an artist tries to add a new wrinkle to a music genre that sometimes becomes stale, it always catches my attention.  Let us introduce you to Thomas J.

The rapper formerly known as T-time Music takes all the aspects of his music making into his own hands.  Instead of recycling the same old beats that have been done over and over, Thomas J creates exotic sounds and rhythms to set himself apart.  This in not run of the mill hip hop.  His lyrics flow amazingly well over the beats that never seem to be what you expect.  Please watch and listen to the lyric video for ‘My Magic’ below:

Thomas J just released his new mixtape Money Sex Religion which is available for free download at  He is not afraid to share his thoughts on this crazy world on tracks such as ‘This Is A Drill’ and ‘Turn Off The News’.  Thomas J is not here to make friends but instead to get his ideas into your ears in a way that you have not heard before.  Another interesting song is ‘We On’ (featuring Doug Bowmer on guitar).  The mix of not normally complementary sounds causes a unique soundscape that will leave you hitting repeat on the track to try to take it all in.  We recommend you go get a taste of this new wave of rap at:

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