Vertacyn Arc Materializer Delivers “Phlodd” To Provide A Journey Into The Mind

Vertacyn Arc Materializer

With the freedom created by the ever growing independent music scene the rules have disappeared. There is no longer a need to fit into the ‘box’ that the major labels and mainstream radio want you to. This freedom has created amazing pieces of music that let experimentation lead the way. Our recent example is the ever-interesting Vertacyn Arc Materializer and their new album Phlodd.

Based in the free-form location of San Francisco Bay Area, California, the band is built of talented original musicians. Each member of Vertacyn Arc Materializer has a depth of experience from previous musical partnerships. Blending this new collaboration together provides a mesh of rock, metal, and jazz in a truly experimental way. They are not here to be individually lauded but instead to craft something unique and interesting.

For their third album release Vertacyn Arc Materializer gives us Phlodd on 10GeV Records. The 11-track album is here to question your mind with an assortment of computer generated sounds paired perfectly with traditional rock instruments. 

As the record opens with “Thank You Florida!” we immediately discover this is no ordinary rock album. A darker vibe creeps in with as sounds collide underneath a droning vocal style. There is something bubbling under the surface ready to explode. The innovative sounds of “Hurry Up And End, Hell” dive in deep to warp the listener’s mind. The goal is to create new disciples of Vertacyn Arc Materializer. Their world is a wild one. Prepare yourself.

The slow build of “Moth In A Butterfly Collection’ (fantastic song name by the way!) draws us in closer. The steady and simple guitar melody punctuated with a distorted tone allows the mind to wander within the Vertacyn Arc Materializer world. Wander but there is no escape. Accept and enjoy.

Experience ‘Slides’ by Vertacyn Arc Materializer

A visual assault is added to the mind warping with “Slides.” Spoken word samples provide questions over the dark and ominous bass splattered with random percussive hits. Soaring synth sounds take it even further. Enter at your own risk.

By the time we reach the closer “Slip, Slip. Slip” the corners of our minds have been thoroughly explored at the band’s will. A softer vocal is provided to soothe the soul back into reality. Vertacyn Arc Materializer seems to have mastered the album medium to allow the full journey of exploration and beauty all in one. 

When you are prepared dive even deeper into the Vertacyn Arc Materializer world:

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