Whitney Tai — New EP, New Sound

Whitney Tai

Artist Whitney Tai is bringing her own unique sound to the music of rock n’ roll in her new EP Forever. Tai is known for her alternative dream pop music, but looking at her past, is there anything this musician can’t do?

Whitney Tai is an emerging singer, songwriter, entertainer, and designer from New York City. Her talent has already hit radio stations in different countries. She released her first pop single in January 2014 and dropped her first pop alternative album, Metamorphosis, in April 2015.

Forever has a separate sound from her first EP, so don’t expect an entirely pop track. The first two singles from the album show just how much of a musical chameleon Tai can be.

Whitney Tai Adds Rock Edge

In “Forever” Tai sings about a love so beautiful she wants to keep the movement forever. This feel good song can relate to anyone trying to capture a moment or person for what can feel like infinity.

Tai’s voice guides the rock beat drums and guitar. Instead of the tune mixing and ambient sounds she has used in the past, her signature pop vocals now blend with the upbeat guitar and drums for truly mellow but happy rock n’ roll vibe.

“Falling” shares Whitney Tai’s honest and soothing melodies and light alternative rock sound. This track and “Forever” have nothing in common with her previous songs except her pop voice.

Her lyrics lead you into the mind of young innocence and trouble making. Like “Forever,” Tai maintains her upbeat rock and pop marriage in “Falling.” This song almost takes the listener back to a ‘90s school dance where young love is running free.

Tai crafted Forever with Billboard chart-topping composer Spencer Garn (of Diamond Street Studios), Morgan Ray Garcia of Upstairs Records, and Mikey Phillips, Janelle Monae’s official drummer.

Whitney Tai celebrated the release of Forever with a show at the storied NYC venue The Bitter End earlier this month.

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