When creating original music one needs to try to find a mix that is new and has not been heard a million times before.  Whether this be a new way of singing or a seemingly random mix of instrumentation, setting yourself apart in the crowded music world is of utmost importance.  Our latest find Zoë Ryan & the Dandy Lion is hitting just the right notes.

Zoe Ryan

The artist hails from Melbourne, Australia where Zoe Ryan leads the project with a collective of other musicians from Melbourne as well as other artists around the world.  The sound is a mix of indie folk pop with real themes while staying catchy and relatable.  The sometimes odd mix of instruments blending together with the exotic and pretty voice of Zoe makes the listener stand up and take notice.

Last year Zoë Ryan & the Dandy Lion ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to raise the money to record her debut record.  On Valentine’s Day of 2014 Our Patchwork Heart was officially released to the world.  The 6 song EP shows true originality.  The opener “Paint The Whole World Bright” features Zoe’s enigmatic voice with a wide assortment of instruments providing a full spectrum of sound.  On “The Reasons You Need” there is an almost reggae feel to the start while a picked banjo drives the song forward.  The up and down vocal performance is the stand out here.  The mood slows down on “Running Circles” with its ballad/blues sound that builds to a strong apex at the chorus.  The album overall shows that Zoe Ryan & The Dandy Lion can provide catchy emotional music to suit every mood.  Take a listen and learn more at: http://www.zoeryan.net/

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