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 Sometimes the best way to learn what to do is to learn what not to do. Your music may actually be on par with some of the top acts getting all the recognition, but there’s other reasons you may be failing that are just as important.

So, here’s 5 ways to guarantee that you don’t make it as a full time music artists. If you want to keep working the day job and make sure that success doesn’t come your way just follow these steps and you’ll spend countless hours doing the wrong things for your music.

Why musicians fail

1. The Sit and Wait Theory

I don’t know who keeps telling artists that they just need to wait their time. That is a complete pot of crap. I swear if I hear one more artist say they just know they’re waiting to blow up one more time I might go crazy. What they mean to say is that they plan of some A&R or record label coming their way and offering them a deal to fund all their recording costs and do their work for them.

Wouldn’t that be nice? If all we had to do was record an album and post it on social media, and all of a sudden a record label was knocking down our door. Here’s the catch… THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN!  The people who succeed are the ones who get up off their butts and make things happen EVERY day. The word ‘excuse’ is not in their vocabulary.

Keep buying your time and you’ll end up 65 years old and looking back saying, “I wish I would’ve…” Fill in the blank with whatever you want, but don’t be this person.  If you want to make things happen, then stop giving yourself excuses that lead to failure. (Rarely ever do excuses lead to results)

2. Unpreparedness

I literally cringe at this one.  If we are to truly say we love the music we create, why do we keep cheating our talents.

Don’t just go buy a domain name. Make sure the site is optimized for building a fan base and converting them to loyal listeners through your email list.

There’s no such thing as a half-way music artist. It sure seems that way these days though. Everyone and their mama tries to make music nowadays, but a miniscule percentage actually put everything into it they need to.  I can’t tell you how many people send me to a Soundcloud or Reverbnation page when I ask to hear their music.

I should be getting sent to one page only. Your personally hosted and registered domain name. Period.  It’s great if the site looks cool too, but personally I’d rather see a more plain site with better functionality than a site with all the bells and whistle but no opt in box.

3. Trying to Get Around Doing Actual Work

Maybe it’s just me, but I was always taught that if something came easily it probably wasn’t worth doing. Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.  That’s a cliché, and it may be true, but what people need to focus on is doing smart work. You can work as hard as you want, if you’re not doing the right TYPE of work it doesn’t matter.

I preach to artists about getting a good mailing list going. Preferably a real auto responder instead of just using the ReverbNation tools. I even teach artists the right way to go about it in one of my free programs. (  Then I take a survey and ask people what they’re still struggling with AFTER I give them the information that will help them.  You know what they tell me? The same old excuses.  “I just need to be discovered.” A.k.a I don’t feel like working hard enough to do it myself.  If all this sounds like hard work, it is. That’s the point. If it were easy to be a full time DIY musician everyone would be doing it.

4. Visiting the Excuse Factory

This one tops them all. Just the other day an artist told me he didn’t feel like learning the smart way to market his music because he didn’t think he’d be good at it. I want artists to seriously think how crazy this is for a moment.  That’s the most lame excuse I’ve heard. Here’s some more of them.  “Now’s not the right time to go after my music.” (You said that last year. When IS it going to be the right time?)  “I don’t have enough money.” (Wrong. I used to think this too. The truth is you don’t know how to wisely use the money you have at moment. More on this below)  You don’t need a new iPhone or more booze at the bar.  You need to treat your music like an entrepreneurship.

5. A Lack of Business Knowledge

You are an entrepreneur! Not just a musician. I understand some artists don’t like the marketing or website design aspects of the job, but you have to start wearing more hats if you really want this thing to work.  Here’s something I never understood either. Why don’t more artists take premium courses to enhance their entrepreneurial skills?  Do they cost money? Of course, but the benefit you get from them outweighs the cost.  Seriously, it does. I’ve taken a few courses. Obviously, I made sure the people were legit before I bought, but why would I hold on to my money when it’s not making me any money?

I’m extremely grateful I took those courses too.  The value of knowledge is extremely important for success. Why do you think multi-billion dollar companies still hire consultants before doing even a standard project?  Because it makes sense. Who cares if you have to pay for a course if you get a return on investment.

No one is getting any younger, and those who understand this concept and apply it always outshine the people who’d rather waste time looking for freebies everywhere.  Either you acquire the correct entrepreneurial skills or you spend your life wondering, “Why didn’t anyone discover my talent?”  There’s a difference between having a music hobby and a music career.  If you want it to be a career all you have to do is take the action. Don’t rely on anyone else to make your career happen for you!

Written by Omari MC (

The world has become a much smaller place over the past decade, especially the music world.  With the use of technology musicians are able to network and record with others that have the same passion as themselves.  It is now easier to find hat ‘like mind’ that has the same musical vision as you, no matter where they may be.  Our latest discovery Siren On The Moon is a good example.

Siren On The Moon

The band was formed in Los Angeles, California in 2012 when vocalist Peri Pastor hooked up with legendary guitarist Val Gaina.  Their distinctive brand of song-driven, modern rock unites Pastor’s powerful singing style with Gaina’s blazing guitar work, all framed and enhanced by the alchemy and wizardry of Shad Wilhelm’s beat-solid drumming and newest member Surge Zhuravka’s expressive bass.  Guitarist Val Gaina may not be a well known name here in America yet but he is huge in his native Russia where he has sold over 12.5 million records with his band Kruiz.  The musical abilities of the band members play off eachother extremely well for a big rock sound ready for arenas everywhere.

Siren On The Moon has been ramping up promotions for their upcoming 13 track record due out soon worldwide.  Indie Band Guru was able to get a listen to some of the songs.  The power and grace of “Auf Wiedersehen- Goodbye! Can’t Live Without You” is evident immediately with the soaring guitars and deep yet smooth vocals pushing the track forward.  The chorus will stick in any listeners head along with the dark lyrics.  Siren On The Moon shows a softer side on “Hero” without slowing down the huge feel of their sound.  This is a band meant for the large stage in front of thousands.  The production is top notch and heightens the already glorious sound.  Keep a close eye on these guys at:

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The mainstream music industry is full of artists who try to put out an image or sound that is really nothing like who they truly are.  It is an act.  When an artist pours his real life into his music it comes off much more authentic and real.  Listeners can relate much better to these songs and the artist.  One such artist is our recent find Shid Latta.

Shid Latta

The Baltimore, Maryland based rapper is all about being real and true to himself.  Each song is based on real events that he has experienced and lived through.  This is rap in its purest form.  Shid Latta is trying to bring back hardcore rap to its former glory.  He pours all his passion into his music and lifestyle.  Too add to his repertoire Shid launched his IV.II.O. CLOTHING COMPANY > (pronounced eye-vee-oh).  The line is simple, but represents a sense of being “lifted” or “above” other people. It is very straight forward and is for those who are gifted and untouched by the petty drama of others. The line is all about those who wish to really express their individuality and their unwillingness to be like other people.  The people around Shid Latta are true followers that seem to support him in every way they can.

Late last month Shid Latta dropped his newest album LOVE+OTHERx DRUG$.  The album consists of 30 tracks of raw heartfelt emotion.  From the first musical track of “How It Is” you can see this is going to be something different.  The spacey beat makes for an interesting background as Shid spits out a story of hardship that he will power through as a story of survival.  On “Love Hate Hate Love” the beat is mellowed out to take a back seat to the rapid fire lyrics and bouncy vocal style.  The first single off the record is “HIGH” Feat. TOVE LO.  Shid Latta uses the super catchy song to tell the story of love, it’s beauty, and how painful it can be.  The album continues much the same way as Shid Latta shares his stories in his powerful way.

Go enter his world on Facebook

and you can find him on Twitter at


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Staying power is something that seems to be very hard in the music business.  There are a multitude of issues and causes for a band to disband so it makes it even more special when a group is able to push through struggles over a long career to keep putting out new music and performances.  A good example of this dedication is the band King Size.

King Size

This year the Austrian hard rock band celebrate their 25 year anniversary.  Over the years King Size has performed over 800 concerts around the world and had multiple successful albums with some charting hits.  A long career has seen its ups and downs and some lineup changes but the King Size ideal of putting out memorable rock music has never dampered.  Now they have hooked up with NRT Records to bring their classic style back to the forefront.

Many things seem to be in the works for King Size but the first is the re-release of the album Around And Around.  The 15 song record is a great introduction to their classic rock sound for anyone that has not experienced King Size yet.  The album opens with the progressive rock song “Around – The Beginning”.  The tone is set for the fact that you are about to experience something different.  “Winners And Losers” is that power filled track that brings back the classic sound filled with guitar solos and catchy harmony ridden choruses.  One of King Size’s chart topping hits “Machinery” leads the album with its arena fueled feel and true to form classic rock sound filling the soundscape with a full assortment of instruments.  Another track “Change Your Mind” hit the chart years ago as well.  This one is a fast paced somewhat progressive song that takes the listener on a wild ride of excitement.  The American influence is heard on “Welcome To LA” with its epic sound that has both high energy rock and emotional ballad-esqe vocals.  Don’t miss the second coming of classic King Size:


Official Website:


Listen & Buy Hi-Res Edition of The Album as FLAC & ALAC :

Stream On Spotify:

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We are all very aware that the current state of the music industry is a disaster.  Even as the big corporations fall apart they are trying to hold on to the old record label model that just is not feasible anymore.  This has opened the door for small record labels to step inside the music world and actually stay on their own terms.  A good example is our recent discovery of Better Daze Records.

The company was founded by the writing team Paul Barrere and Roger Cole, with the idea that it would be nice to have a company where creation, imagination and quality could be the only guidelines that had to be followed.  Their writing style is unique and produces quality songs but reaching the major labels with it was a pipe dream.  They are both industry veterans and know the hard work that goes into getting music noticed but now they do it on their own terms which is more satisfying than anything.  The Better Daze motto is “Music for the sake of Music” which they live by and welcome in other artists that share in their ideals.

The latest release by Cole and Barrere is the aptly titled “Who’s Right”.  The soft vocal style and mellow melody bring back memories of a simpler time in music.  The mix is very welcoming and provides the feeling that the duo is playing the song only for you.  It stays very catchy as they show off their talent in both songwriting and instrumentation.  Enjoy the song for yourself here:

You can keep up with more from the duo and others with the same passion and ideals at:

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When there is art inside a person it manifests its way out in many different avenues.  There are people in this world that just are born with a bigger creative side and a need to expose it.  Add in a little determination (which sometimes lacks in creative types) and you have a true star.  Our latest find Bernie Journey seems to be putting both his talent and dedication together to create something extraordinary.

Originally hailing from Cleveland, Ohio Bernie Journey was in the heart of great rock n’ roll from birth.  Early favorites included Elton John, Donna Summer and Aretha Franklin.  The seed was planted but at the time painting was his artistic focus.  When the new wave of dance pop artists such as Madonna, Prince, and George Michael hit Bernie was drawn in more and began piano lessons and fell in love with the freedom to express himself through songwriting.  He later moved to New York City to immerse himself deeper into the music.  Much time was spent playing shows and experimenting with his sound.  Bernie Journey’s message of viewing life from a positive and inspirational perspective resonated well and new fans were being picked up at a rapid pace.  It spread beyond NYC as well as he rose to #5 Nationally and #14 Globally on the ReverbNation Dance Music Charts.

There is more coming soon from Bernie Journey.  On December 30th 2014, to end the year with a bang, he will be releasing his newest song “Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?”.  The track brings it all together with a funky old school melody mixed with new trends in dance music to create something fresh and ready to take over the dance floor in 2015.  Enjoy a taste here:


Keep up with the rising star at:

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