When a true music lover runs a record label it will survive forever.  They may take a break signing new artists and push towards reissues at times but always staying at the center of the music business is too strong a pull.  You may have heard of the famous old Philadelphia soul/r&b label, Sound Gems Records back in the day.  Well after a rather long break from their 1970’s heyday, Sound Gems is back on the horse again bringing new artists to the table.

Aliah Sheffield

The first true new signing by the label is the extremely talented.  She was born in Newark, NJ but grew up in the deep south of Savannah, Georgia.  Music was part of her life from an early age and legends such as Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin molded her into the singer she is today.  While studying film scoring at Berklee College of Music she began to experiment with fusing genres, particularly soul and R&B, to create her unique keyboard driven style.  “What I’m trying to do is combine the classic and contemporary into my own style,” Sheffield said. “I feel very blessed to be partnered with a label that I feel so artistically connected to.”

The first release by Aliah Sheffield on Sound Gems Records is “Where I’m At (Is In Love With You)” actually released yesterday March 3rd, 2015.  The song oozes that old soul 70’s vibe with a modern touch and a groove that gets even the most stoic man bopping his head.  Aliah’s voice takes the forefront with its smooth delivery and controlled strength.  It builds throughout and really lets loose as the song heads to its climax.  This is a great start and we expect many great things to come from Aliah Sheffield and the relaunch of The Sound Gems label.

Find Aliah’s music and keep tabs on the rise at:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Where-Im-At-Love-You/dp/B00TIYZOC8/

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/where-im-at-is-in-love-you/id966680878


Aliah Sheffield Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sgraliah

Aliah Sheffield Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sgraliah

Sound Gems Records And Publishers Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/SoundGemsSoul

Sound Gems Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sound-Gems-Records-And-Music-Publishers/1376447819328833?ref=hl


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We will always stick with hard working artist that keep churning out good music and are willing to experiment with their sound.  One of our recurring artists here at Indie Band Guru is our friend Junior Turner.

The big time singer/songwriter from the United Kingdom has been pumping out song after song to his ever growing fanbase.  Junior Turner always feels free to write songs in whatever genre suits the particular mood for each song.  Nothing is off limits.  The latest take is the song “Guardian Angel”.  It is due for release on March 13th but we got a preview listen here.  This one is a real ballad of a song that shows real emotion in Junior’s voice.  He says he wrote this one for his mother personally but hopes that each listener can relate to the song and its loving message.  The slow pace does not lack with feeling as each note seems craftily contrived.  If you are in a safe place to let your emotions show take a listen here:

To keep up with even more music by Junior Turner visit:





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In this world that is made smaller by the day, a music artist must try to appeal to a global audience.  One never quite knows where their music will really connect with potential fans and blow up.  Lovers of music are everywhere and every artist wants to reach every fan that they can.  An artist we discovered with an interesting story that fits into this is Kary Sit.

Kary Sit

The Top 40 and dance pop artist is a fourth generation Eurasian who has been molding her own original style with no aim of fitting into any specific musical box.  There is an influence felt from such performance artists as Madonna and Lady Gaga. Kary Sit has been pumping out a string of singles and caught a major break while on tour in Japan as her sound caught a nerve and the attention of a fanbase searching for a new unique artist.

The latest track is “Guilty Pleasure”, an exotic electro pop ride with Kary Sit’s sultry and ear catching vocals.  The production adds a higher level of professionalism making the song ready for the dance floor and booming speakers everywhere.  There is a dark side to Kary Sit and many people will be yearning to join her there.  Keep up with more at: http://www.karysit.com/

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It is always great to hear a band who is obviously enjoying themselves while writing and performing their music.  There is no need for huge production and studio tricks when the goal is to spread a joyful message with some simple catchy rock and roll.  A good example is our latest find Audiobender.


The san Jose, California based band blends alt-rock with a fun power pop style that grabs attention right away and draws fans in to the likeable group immediately.  Audiobender was conceived back in March of 2012 when songwriter/guitarist Jared Richard grabbed some old friends and bandmates in Paul Cingolani on bass and Jeff Lemas on drums to launch the new project.  There is no huge meanings or political leanings behind their songs just the goal to rock out and get people in the crowd up and dancing along.

With the recent release of their full length album Reverb Audiobender has been pushing their plan of kicking ass and taking names.  On the opener “Alright With Me” you can tell right away that these guys know how to handle their instruments and provide a good ass-shaking time.  The party continues on “Sweet” with its chunky guitar sound and peppy drumbeat leading the way.  This is just fun garage rock at its best.  The band shows they can slow it down too with the bluesy ballad “One In The Hand”.  Every party needs a slow dance song right?  The happy vibes come right back on “Know What I Mean”.  The vocal delivery draws the listener into the story and rooting for our hero at the bar.  Enjoy the fun music video here:

The record closes with the more progressive and harder rock sounds of “Let It Bleed”.  There are some classic rock influences here that show that Audiobender has not forgotten about the long history of great party rock.  There is even a strong guitar solo thrown in there.  Whether these guys make it big or not I am sure they will always be a great band to see in a bar surrounded by people put in a good mood by the music.  Keep track on the boys for yourself at: http://www.audiobenderband.com/


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The dance music scene seems to still be growing at a phenomenal rate.  The festivals have been getting bigger and bigger and more mainstream fans have been picking up on it.  This has lead to a great number of artists turning to the electronic vibe and creating their own music.  Some talented artists may get lost in the shuffle but when a true standout come across our ears we take notice.  Let us introduce you to Rosetta.


The underground project which only really started up in mid 2014 is the brainchild of Ryan Unis.  He has dove full force into his music churning out over 120 original mixes over his career span.  It has been a learning curve.  Ryan explained, “I think it’s important to show the progression of a producer and musician over time. For budding producers and aspiring musicians to see that, ‘Hey, this guy didn’t wake up one morning and start producing.’ There’s an arch there, over time, that I wish I had the opportunity to be exposed to when I was starting out. It’s embarrassing to have all the mixes out there, but, ego aside, they are.”

Although rather new Rosetta has been picking up steam grabbing some recent recognition.  Electronica Oasis selected “Undying Love Feat. Dina Shapiro” as a grand prize winner.  The song is a house music staple with bouncy beats, exotic sounds in the melody and the female/male vocals sweetening it all up.  For the big room dance clubs Rosetta offers “Bang Bang”.  The beat rises and falls creating a nice flow for the dancer to take a much needed break.  The track was featured as a weekly ‘Crowd Pick’ on ReverbNation.  Ryan Unis shows even more depth with “Destroy” which has elements of dubstep and house mixed in together to create something fresh that can appeal to all EDM lovers.  Keep an eye on https://soundcloud.com/rosettamusic for more music to hit the airwaves and the dance club floors.  You can get in touch with Ryan and Rosetta at: www.facebook.com/RosettaMusic

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Inspiration is something that each artist much find on his own.  It can never be forced.  It must happen naturally but putting yourself in a lifestyle open to inspiration will definitely aid in stirring your creative juices.  Our recent discovery James Eagle took his time and let his music come to him.

James Eagle

The San Jose, California native soaks in music from everywhere he goes and morphs it into his own personal style.  James had the foresight and ambition to travel through Central America for a year and a half as he worked on his debut full length album.  After this exotic journey James Eagle finished up the album while living in Medellin, Columbia.

The album title is actually James Eagle with the artist being listed as Various Artists.  The 9 track record is a mashup type of album.  Each song has many samples sprinkled within to create something fresh and new although the pieces are old.  From the opening track “Intro” and its mix of various sounds you know you are in for a wild ride.  There is a raw energy to “On My Way” that exudes a sense of happiness as it pushes forward in an extremely catchy way.  James Eagle shows depth when he ventures in “When I Die” with rap samples from Notorious B.I.G. and M.I.A.  The atmospheric sound makes it quite the pretty song.  The closer “When I Grow Up” brings together a full gamut of different sounds to create something that becomes truly unique even though it borrows from a bunch of different styles.  This is a record to truly experience.  Check it out at: https://soundcloud.com/jameseagle/sets/jameseaglevariousartists


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