One of the beauties of music is that it can bring together people that may have never even met each other if it wasn’t for the pull of making music.  Our recent find Happiness To Life is made up of two people that don’t seem to fit together on first glance but music unites them.


The group based in Lakeland, Florida is made up of King Fernand and Juan Arango.  You can tell that they both enjoy all that goes into creating music.  Juan grew up in Medellin, Columbia and provides all the graphic design for Happiness To Life.  King grew up in Haiti and New York.  He does all the composing and arranging for the band.  There is a wide variety of influences between the two of them that has come together to create a new and positive sound through Happiness To Life.

The latest release from the group is “Best Day Of My Life”.  It is a fresh and poppy tune that provides an uplifting feeling to anyone listening to it.  The melody is catchy but the performance is a little raw and sounds too computerized at times.  This is certainly a good start though because Happiness To Life has the positive vibe and puts all of their heart into the music.  We expect them to keep growing and release some great music.  Keep up with the development at:

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Some bands can just keep on developing over time and move forward with the constantly changing music industry.  We introduced you to the band Grenouer a while back and they just keep on refining themselves into a band that needs to be known.


The band from St Petersburg, Russia has been together and churning out misc for 20 years now.  What began as an extreme metal outfit gradually developed into a refined play of advantageous songwriting and scrupulous production.  Grenouer manages to keep their music fresh and sounding new even through all these years and all their albums.

The band has now returned with their 8th studio album entitled Unwanted Today.  It is a 13 track exercise in what modern rock can sound like.  The title track “Unwanted Today” opens with some intensity that gives way to soaring vocals making for a complete song to lead the record with.  On “Something Really Bad” the group blends pretty vocals with a catchy guitar melody that builds throughout into an explosion of sound.  The hard rock can be felt on the instruments of “I Can’t Stand It” but the song remains emotionally accessible for fans of all types of rock music.  The lead single of the album “Point Of New Return” is the ballad of the album with feelings being shared along with mellow sounds.  That doesnlt last through the whole track though as a progressive rock tone takes over as the song hits its climax.  Enjoy the professional music video here:


The album closes with the spacy “Clearway” showing that Grenouer can truly go in any direction that they see fit.  This is professional songwriting.  Keep up with the band at:

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We will always be thankful for the freedom to create experimental music that does not aim to be in any mainstream box but instead aims to create something different and new.  Taking classic sounds and mixing them up can make quite the experimental effect.  Take for example our discovery of Cedar Reed.

Cedar Reed

The greater Los Angeles based band cinsiders themselves highly experimental putting together a variety of genres that mash together in the strangest of ways.  The duo is made up of Danny Burkett on bass guitar. Cedar (andy reid) on guitar drums and vocals.  Blues is the basis of their sound but there are heavy does of everything from Stomp rock to avant-garde ramblings.  Cedar Reed is for people with open minds that can truly appreciate a raw and original sound.

Back in May Cedar Reed released their Man On The Left EP.  The 5 track record takes the listener on quite the sonic journey.  The opener is a raw cover of the ESG song “Up,up Down, down (My Love For You)”.  Right away you find out that these guys are out to make music to shock your ears in a beautiful way,  The title track “Mon On The Left” leads with a catchy melody that will get deep in your soul as the raw guitar attack and spoken word vocals keep you guessing where the song will go next.  The title for “Stoned And Missed It” suits the track perfectly.  The trance inducing beat will have your mind wandering but always coming back to hear the low underneath vocal.  Cedar Reed also just recently released the single “Wake Me Up In ‘96”.  It is a more rockin’ track that bleeds raw energy and has that live feel like you are standing in front of the band bobbing your head.  Take a listen for yourself at:

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As time passes and musical genres develop they begin to splinter into a multitude of sub-genres for every niche that a band can think up.  This is a needed development as amazing new music has been created by using different pieces from different genres to craft something completely new.  On the other hand it is sometime refreshing to take music back to its roots and the beginning of a genre.  Our recent discovery Suburban Vermin is doing just that.

Suburban Vermin

The Seattle, Washington music scene is immediately associated with the Grunge sound of the early 90’s but Suburban Vermin  take it even further back with their classic punk rock sound that inspired the whole Grunge movement.  The band consists of Amanda Gamino, Jason Vermin. Greg Gibson played on their last record, but is no longer in the band.  They have been compared to punk legends such as The Clash, The Ramones, and The Buzzcocks for their frantic live shows and authentic punk sound.  The change and offshoots of punk have happened but Suburban Vermin are very satisfied going back to the beginnings and its gritty in-your-face attitude.

The band is on the verge of releasing their new record Headless Over Heels to push forward their sound to the waiting punk scene.  The album will be accompanied by a companion comic book with each song being interpreted by a different artist. These artists range from the band’s hometown all the way to the Philippines.  The opening title track “Headless Over Heels” sets the tone right away with its fast paced attack coupled with a catchy melody that brings back memories of early So-Cal punk.  With most songs at between 2 and 3 minutes long we know these guys are lovers of the original scene.  The punch in the face energy continues on “Metal Alice” with its banging drum beat behind some intense storytelling welcoming you into their own punk rock world.  A grinding guitar leads the way on “Last Laugh” that brought back the East Coast hard punk scene to me.  These guys know their punk history and are willing to provide a lesson.  The frenetic energy continues on tracks like “Drunken Amazement” and “Emma” that will keep your blood (and maybe your fist) pumping.  The closing track is a fun bass heavy cover of the 4 Non Blondes classic “What’s Up”.  This record will leave you fired up and wanting more.  Keep a look out for Suburban Vermin and more music at:

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Becoming a master of your instrument takes tons of hard work but also there has to be some in-born talent that needs to be nurtured and exposed to the world.  The guitar is probably the most played instrument in the world.  It is a tough skill to learn and even harder to excel.  We recently discovered Elmo Karjalainen who has done just that.


Hailing from the home of many quality metal guitarists, Finland, Elmo has now offered some solo work to highlight his skills.  Born in 1979 he has been learning how to play for almost his entire life.  Some fame came his way with the Finnish metal band Deathlike Silence and his more recent bands Seagrave and Conquest and even Kipli.  Elmo put out his first solo album, Unintelligent Designs to critical praise and now is about to follow it up.

On June 11th Elmo released his followup record The Free Guitar Album.  The 10 track opus is full of examples of a truly skilled guitar player.  On “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” Elmo plays with some interesting effects as the song builds to a crescendo of mass hysteria that will drop your jaw.  There are some slowed down pieces like “She Sleeps On The Moon” that show the diversity and prove Elmo is not a one trick speed pony.  The energy returns on “Algorhythm” with some powerful playing and some strong drums that fit perfectly with his guitar.  The album closer “Relax” does just what the title says by creating a smooth lullaby that seems to mesmerize your mind.  Learn more about this talented individual at:

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People always say that music is a journey but what if it is the journey that inspires the music.  We recently came across a project from Lewis Dagliesh that offers an answer to that question.


The singer/songwriter made the bold decision with a couple of friends to buy a car and drive from London, England down the east coast of Africa into Cape Town over a period of seven months.  This was quite a leap but the draw of musical inspiration forced his hand.  Having the uncertainty of where you are and where you will be tomorrow creates a kind of nervous freedom to live a life without boundaries yet relying on your own cunning and positive outlook for success.

The result of this undertaking is the full-length album From A Journal.  The 12 track record is a collection of folk, singer/songwriter, and travel type songs that were inspired by this journey.  All the songs were written on an old Spanish guitar that was on the trip and has the engravings of people along the route to prove it.  The opener “My Bluebird Is A Storm Petrol” plays with a pretty melody on that guitar with vocals that share that outdoor campfire feel where everyone is invited to sing along and become part of the song.  On “My Imaginary Love” the pace is slowed a little and a ballad vibe is felt in the lyrics without the sappiness.  Various friends play various musical instruments to add to the full soundscape.  Everything is stripped away on “Savannah, Abandoned” to let Lewis Dalgliesh use his unique voice and finger picking guitar style to craft a beautiful song with no fluff or filler.  This is truly impressive songwriting.  Go enjoy the journey for yourself at:

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