A true artist must realize that i is extremely hard to do it on your own.  Be willing to work with others to expand your talent and use their talents to advance your career.  Never think that you have all the answers.  Our latest find Becka Pimenta has made the right connections and seems to be on her way.

Becka Pimenta

The singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom has been making waves on both sides of the Atlantic and meeting the right people along the way.  Becka Pimenta has been all over the world working with some of the hottest producers and songwriters out there today including Roy Hamilton (Michael Jackson / Justin Timberlake), Mark Batson (Alicia Keys), Art And Life (Beyonce), Ken Caillat (Fleetwood Mac / Colbie Caillat), and musical duo A-Rex (Justin Bieber) to name but a few.

Last month Becka Pimenta released the song and music video for “Ruined”.  It touches on many genres that Becka seems to be able to jump in and out of.  The electronic drum beat gives it energy while her sultry vocals and heartfelt delivery make it a very pretty song.  The video is dark and minimalistic but gets the point and the song across very well.  Enjoy it below:

Keep up with this rising star at: http://www.beckapimenta.com/

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With the freedom for bands today to release music independently without the structure of a record label the genres have grown exponentially.  Where we used to say something was alternative is now such a broad statement that it really gives you no idea what it will sound like.  Our latest “alternative” find Modern Tribes brings another fun sound to the genre.

Modern Tribes

The group from Seattle, Washington is made up of 4 guys aged 17 to 21.  Their young age is a surprise when you hear their music that brings in some interesting influences from the Jazz and Classic Rock genres without really touching the Grunge sound that Seattle will forever be associated with.

We recently had the chance to listen to some of Modern Tribes newest music.  We can see why their fanbase has been growing by offering a very danceable style of music.  The first track “All Night”  will take you back to a groovy time when songs were meant to make your body move.  Toes will be tapping wherever this is played.  On “Stop” the bouncy beat will grab you right away and then Evan Rendes’ vocals will bring you into his sultry world.  The classic rock influence is heard prominently on “Live In The Moment” especially in the crunching guitar.  The build up makes the song have an almost epic sound that could be heard in an arena.  Keep an eye on Modern Tribes at: http://moderntribesmusic.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/moderntribesmusic/

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Music is such a wonderful thing.  Even old classic songs from the past can get somewhat forgotten but a new artist can come along and put a new spin on it to bring it back to the glory it deserves.  Lucky for us White Sativa and Michael Clingan got together to remind of us some fantastic sounds.

The two producer friends recently got together to cover the Bob Marley classic “Sun Is Shining”.  Thier deep house and chillwave take on the track keeps the funky feel of the original song but adds the modern effects to bring it to this decade.  The song seems to relax and excite the listener at the same time.  It is a feel good track for today’s music snob society.  Enjoy it below and feel free to download it for free off the White Sativa Soundcloud page.

Website: http://whitesativa.com/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/white-sativa

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/WhiteSativaMusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/White_Sativa

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Passion is certainly a driving force in the world of music, and it is evident in the personal travails conveyed by the band eeko in their album “Gimme Back My Time.”

The release is part of Ico Di Francesco and his troupe’s self-stated quest “to create a lifelong soundtrack for today.” We hope that quest continues, because this album demonstrates a solid step in that journey.


The Italian-based group released the work last year, and it sets out to tell a story that has its roots long before. For Di Francesco, this trek of passion began in the band’s hometown of Milan. He started playing guitar at age 13, and when he was introduced to members of The Cure, the influence of the rock scene took hold. He attended the shows of U2 and Coldplay, among others, and the fire was fueled. His love of music is further supplemented by groups such as The Beatles, Snow Patrol and The Pixies. It wasn’t long before Di Francesco was writing his own songs and setting out to round up a group of musicians with like-minded drive. He found them in Diego Perugini at lead guitar, Guido Pietrella, bass guitar, and Gianluca Meconcelli, drums. The new group called eeko hit the stage.

They did a number of gigs around Milan, with the learn-as-you-go routine of a club band – sets with covers and a few originals along the way. Then the release of a demo called “Coveriginals” received solid response. Touring took its toll. The band broke up for a period of time. But a reunion in 2010 was a welcome occurrence to their fans. They got even more backing and that led to the studio and “Gimme Back My Time.”

The group likes to think of the album as “REM jamming with Jakob Dylan and the Talking Heads, backed up by the Pixies immersed in the September mist on the intimate stage of your imagination.” But as ballad tells a story, so does this work. The opening track, “Hey Now,” says a little about the endeavor.

“People making a show of their life

Just to be a part of the game

The idea may not be all that bad

But it’s all turned out for the worst (believe me!)”

It goes on to describe relationships through the esoteric phrasing of “Central Question,” and inspiration with “When I Write Picasso.”

“The Worst Train of My Life” and its bluesy guitar sound is one of the nicest tracks of the album. But it has a sweet guitar solo that has an all-too-abrupt ending.
On “The Tunnel” they continue the groove with a peppy little number that will get your head bopping and toes tapping.

All in all, “Gimme Back My Time” is a nice sound and message with decent production value, as well. It deserves a listen, and eeko should keep their passion alive.

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Each musician uses his music to create an outlet for himself and to share emotions with those that choose to listen.  The emotions seems to be pouring out on our latest find Brian Hadsell.

Brian Hadsell

The singer/songwriter from San Francisco, California is able to craft a sound that is much bigger than that of just one man.  Brian Hadsell says the purpose of his music is to create positive feelings for people to find comfort in.   He loves his profession as a music artist and takes it serious as any other job putting in the time and dedication needed.

His latest release is the midtempo rock song “Get Away”.  It is a road trip with his best friend and experiencing the freedom of the road.  The sound is dramatic and somewhat mesmerizing at times.  Brian uses a soft-hard vocal dynamic to bleed emotion and capture attention all in one.  As soon as the melody starts to relax your mind he grabs you with a shake to keep you on the line.  Definitely an artist to keep an eye on at: https://www.facebook.com/BrianMatthewHadsell

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Something magical happens when musicians learn to let go of trying to please the mainstream and just write music that feels good to them.  Any real music fan can tell immediately when a song sounds forced into a genre.  Our latest discovery Birds Over Arkansas finally found this freedom and has been on the fast track to stardom ever since.

Birds Over Arkansas

The band formed back in 2011 when Scott Haskitt, Laura Hartshorn, and John Mondick discovered that the product of their musical experimentations was greater than the sum of its parts.  They lived pretty far from each other at the time (New Haven, CT and Philadelphia, PA) but the power of online collaboration allowed them to write songs together as if they were right next door.  Their sound took a turn towards progressive acoustic rock with complex rhythms mixed with catchy melodies and harmonies.  This is clearly original Birds Over Arkansas music.

The band recently released their debut EP Behind The Lights.  The standout track “Catapult” has a high energy feel without the use of effect-laden electric guitars and big drums.  The fast paced but off-kilter time signature makes for quite an exotic listen.  The vocal harmonies create a kind of warmth over the song throughout.  This is something for the true lover of the beauty of music.  Enjoy it for yourself here:


Keep up with Birds Over Arkansas and more music at: http://birdsoverarkansas.com/


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