The hip-hop genre has gone through many ups and downs as artists have attempted to set themselves apart from the basics that make the scene a powerful one.  Sometimes the best way to make a statement is to just keep it simple and focus on making good music without excess hype.  A good example is our latest find Hookdiggy.

The Atlanta, Georgia based rapper aims to take hip hop back to its core.  There are no gimmicks or posing as something that he is not.  The focus of Hookdiggy is simply to make good music with thoughtful and upbeat lyrics.  He finds steady and danceable beats to push his meassage forward.

The latest offering by Hookdiggy is “Wind Out”, the second single from his upcoming album.  His rhyming style uses meaning in the lyrics and tells a story of walking away from a bad day to enjoy hanging out with a group of good friends.  Be positive and be happy.  An entertaining music video has been made for the track as well featuring Atlanta model Milann Dior.  Enjoy it below:

Hookdiggy – Wind Out ft. Ceedro (Official Music Video) from Hookdiggy on Vimeo.


For more information on Hookdiggy, visit

You can download “Wind Out” on iTunes and CD Baby.

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Music will always be its own worldwide language where people from very different backgrounds can find a common link and share something that is bigger than what they can achieve on their own.  This is something that keeps me always searching for new sounds and the artists that create them.  Our recent find SonicWhiteOut is a great example of the power of music.


The German duo is the result of a chance meeting by two individuals with very different musical roots who found they both had a deep affection for the new wave sounds of the 1980′s.  The SonicWhiteOut studio project evolved into a live band as the guys experimented with such exotic sounds as vintage Russian synths and “e-bowed” guitars.  The goal was to combine vintage and modern into one all encompassing sound.  As the band puts it “SonicWhiteOut is the constant, restless and never-ending search for tunes and words, surging to describe our intimate sentiments between fortune and fear, anger and madness, when outer and inner worlds collide”.  I couldn’t say it better myself.

Last year SonicWhiteOut released their debut EP Crust to some pretty positive feedback.  The six track record showcases their original sound that seems familiar to the listener’s ears.  The opener “Wheel Of Sound” draws back to the pop music of an earlier time when music was relatable and comforting.  The chorus caresses over the listener creating a cozy kind of feel.  The more experimental “Run” mashes much more dischording sounds grabbing attention at every angle.  The spacey tone of “Dust” forms a wall of sound that blends together effortlessly when it seemingly is not possible.  The sped up chorus pushes the energy of the track forward nicely.  The latest single, not on the EP, “Bound & Space” shows that there is much more imagination within SonicWhiteOut and much more catchy tunes to follow.  Keep up with the project at:

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The power of the internet has made the world a much smaller place.  Once upon a time a musician was limited to writing and performing with only the other musicians in their small local scene.  Obviously the talent pool and like minded options were few.  Now two people on other sides of the world can discover each other and find the perfect partner to share their musical style with.  A great example is our latest find Gemstone Heist.

Gemstone Heist

The duo was formed after Ashley (from Kentucky, USA) and Gail (Liverpool, UK) started talking online about favourite bands and artists they had long admired.  When they realized that they shared such like ideas it was mandatory for them to push forward and try to make a long distance band work no matter the difficulties.  Gemstone Heist was born and swapping recordings across the net eventually turned into long plane trips across the pond to write together in the same room.  Ashley is the singer/songwriter who plays guitar as Gail plays keyboards and supplies the lyrics.

The project has now released some songs to introduce Gemstone Heist to the world.  “Daddy’s On A Mail Train” is a soft folk influenced track that winds its way deep into your soul.  The vocals and minimalistic acoustic guitar line blend perfectly to create an aura of relaxation.  The duo shows a different side on “Shot Glass (Basement Remix).  The addition of an electro beat sets the tone for a trance dance floor staple.  Perfect for coming down after a long night at the club.  This seems to be a great start for Gemstone Heist and we are hoping the compilation continues and we get to hear more.  Keep up with the band at:


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Within a band there is usually one or two main songwriters.  The songs that they write though must fit into the full groups style and combined talents to truly create a memorable song.  If an instrument is just going along for the ride it is easily noticed and the lack of heart brings the song down.  This doesn’t mean it was a bad song, just not in the right circumstance.  Some artists must venture out to a solo career to get these songs recorded and heard.  This seems to be the case with our recent find Race Against Fate.

Race Against Fate

The brains behind the project is singer/songwriter Vik Kapur.  The indie rocker wanted to experiment with different ideas in his sound.  Race Against Fate aims to fuse traditional Western pop/rock with Indian instrumentation such as sitar and tabla.  Vik hunted down session musicians from all over the world including such locales as Moscow, London, Nashville, and Los Angeles.

Race Against Fate has released a few songs to let the world hear what the project can do.  “Song For Each Day” features a mix of exotic sounds melded together with soothing vocals bringing it to a more pop friendly level than the instruments usually experience.  On “Photograph” the atmospheric intro gives way to another assortment of sounds from all over the world.  The more experimental “Casually Leave” focuses on the beauty of exotic sounds pushed forward by an upbeat vocal track to tie it all together.  There is something here for lovers of all music.  Take a peek and listen for yourself at:

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The music business is often about the connection you make in your career and the length of time you can remain involved in the scene.  This seems to be the case for the musician that came to us today in Billy Ray Deiz.

Billy Ray Deiz

The blues singer-songwriter is truly “old School” having started his recording career in the rock and roll heydays of the 1950’s.  Billy Ray was part of the legendary Los Angeles scene at the time as a founding member of The Seven Souls along with future Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Welch.  Later in his career he became a television personality profiling major players in the music industry including Ray Charles, Neil Diamond, Loretta Lynn, and countless others.  Staying involved in the music business gained him a long list of contacts and friends which came in quite handy when he decided to dive back into recording.

The latest track from Billy Ray Deiz is the blues rocker “Rather Have Sooner”.  He was able to enlist the talents of guitarist George Marinelli of the Bonnie Raitt band and saxophonist Jim Hoke to add to the level of professional sound.  The sultry voice of Billy Ray turns up the soul throughout the song which seems to melt its way deep into your mind.  The song is filled with truly skilled musicians and it shows.  Go find out more about this long time music man at:


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One way to truly engage your fans is to create an epic story with your music.  Do not aim to just write 23 minute bursts of music that do not relate to anything else.  Keep them wanting more by piecing each song together like a chapter in a book and they will be begging for the next one.  Our recent discovery Richie Luna seems to be beginning his journey now.

Richie Luna

The electronic dance music artist claims to be coming from the moon to defeat the darkness that is expanding on planet Earth.  His sound is an energetic mix of positive vibes and ass shaking beats.  Richie Luna understands that life here is not always happiness and rainbows but the obstacles out there can be overcome.  It is a personal choice to be a positive person.  Hopefully he can help you choose the right path.

The first track that Richie Luna has released to aid in his mission is “Celebrate! (The Call To Light)”.  The catchy and powerful track sets forth an aura of positivity almost immediately.  The fun electro beat gets the blood pumping and bodies moving wherever it is played.  The chorus will be sung over and over by the crowds and emit the energy that Richie is shooting for.  Go take a listen and learn more at:

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