It may be said way too often but when a person finds a calling they must go for it and make a real attempt to pursue the dream.  Having the support by your friends and family is extremely important but in the end you must be willing to do it all on your own.  Our recent find Dregas is a great example doing whatever it takes.


DregasThe California based singer-songwriter was born into a diverse household with Korean and African-American parents.  This may have helped Dregas develop a unique style from the start.  Even though her parents urged her to follow in their footsteps and pursue a career in the medical field they were supportive enough to get her piano lessons at the age of four when she showed some talent.  Over her upbringing she explored many other instruments and played with a multitude of bands.  This helped Dregas develop her own personal style that she is now touring with and preparing to drop her new album.

We recently had the chance to hear the new single by Dregas “Losing Tonight (Part II)”.  The mellow acoustic open welcomes the listener to absorb her intriguing voice.  The track builds to a heartfelt and energetic song that seems to lay it all on the line for the artist.  The production is top notch as everything gets blended together well to put out a song that creeps deep into your soul.  Go get a listen for yourself at:


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Positivity can be a very big influence if used right in a song.  We have had the pleasure of sharing the uplifting music of Chords Of Truth before and the message it shares of believing in what you truly want.  The success of Indie Band Guru and Chords of Truth can both be attributed to this positivity.

Chords Of Truth

The brains behind the Chords Of Truth project is Jason Garriotte.  He is known to write some very thought provoking songs as well as some that make us think about silly things (see “Pop Or Soda”).  He is willing to share his thoughts through song and is an overly genuine guy that you can have a real conversation with even if you do not share his ideas.

The upcoming release by Chords Of Truth is the single “Moon Time” scheduled for release on May 5th, 2015.  The track is an interesting peppy mix of folk and Americana.  As you listen to the lyrics you are seeing that Jason delves deep into each song and his thirst for gaining and sharing knowledge.  His work on the acoustic guitar is quite impressive here as it pushes the song ahead at a moderate pace with a chorus that stays in your head way after the song is over.  Go get an advance listen and learn more about Chords Of Truth at:

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Last night, the Bowery Ballroom in NYC was permeated with psychedelic rock vibes, confetti, and some fog. CHAPPO, the four-piece band from Brooklyn, rocked the house and got the seemingly shy crowd dancing and clapping along. The four members immersed the audience into a world of synth, crazy riffs and reverb-effects that were reflective of the late 60’s music scene. Their colorful set and dynamic lighting were a great addition to the already established good vibes. The band entered the stage, which was being consumed with smoke billowing out of a giant snake. It was quite the sight. It was awesome!


The crowd warmed up to the guys in songs like “I’m Not Ready”, which shook the venue with energized kick drum and thumping bass lines. Singer Alex Chappo’s pleasing and smooth vocals swept over the mass of people. His long hair and leather jacket made his stage presence seem like that of a late 60’s rock star. He excited the audience time and time again by bursting little tubes of confetti and playing around with the fog machine. The band played an array of their tunes, including tracks from their latest EP Celebrate. Their musicianship was displayed in songs such as “I Don’t Need The Sun” and “Celebrate”, with their unique and dynamic rhythms and melodies on full display.


Between songs, they kept the groove flowing with trippy guitar riffs and drum fills. One major highlight was their most popular song “Come Home”, which is a freeing song that makes you want to cruise down the highway and sing along. Another was when Alex Chappo climbed down into the crowd and organized a dance off in the middle of the venue floor, mid-song. Overall, the set contained solid, non-stop exhilarating tunes. The group kicked off The Gimme Data tour and you can catch them opening for Big Data across the U.S. this spring!  Find out more at:

Tour Dates With Big Data

Mar 24 – Bowery Ballroom // New York City, NY
Mar 25 – Sinclair // Boston, MA
Mar 26 – Underground Arts // Philadelphia, PA
Mar 27 – Black Cat // Washington, DC
Mar 30 – Lincoln Hall // Chicago, IL
Mar 31 – Fine Line // Minneapolis, MN
Apr 01 – Rave Club // Milwaukee, WI
Apr 03 – Grog Shop // Cleveland, OH
Apr 04 – Stage AE // Pittsburgh, PA
Apr 06 – The Main Street Armor // Rochester, NY
Apr 07 – Showplace Buffalo // Buffalo, NY


*-live review and photos by Sondra Minnich of Indie Band Guru

Chappo guitar



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Anyone who wants to be in this crazy business we call music has to be willing to work their ass off.  In addition to that an artist must be willing and able to wear many hats and do the jobs needed to give their music the best sound possible and the exposure it deserves.  We recently discovered the talents of Cheena Black.

The NYC native recently released her single “I Love You” to her growing fanbase.  It is a soulful rendition of true emotion.  Cheena Black’s silky voice sets the mood for a romantic evening and she has the bravery to say what she truly feels.

We had a chance to speak with Cheena recently and get into the backstory of this rising star.  Enjoy the interview below:

Cheena Black

First of all, what inspired your moniker Cheena Black?

since  i was  a kid my mother  maria hernandez  always  called  me  by  the name  of cheena pronounced in spanish  i ran with the nickname  ever  since .now  my  last name black long story short  lol people  always  told me  i sound black  every time  i sang a song  even though  i am  half  black and  spanish  but nobody  knew that.


From a young age you had success as a dancer, what pushed you toward the musical side?

i went to ridgewood  dance studio in  queens new york  and i remember back when  mary j blige  came out with that song  real love. i knew  in my heart  that what  i  wanted  to  do is sing and be just like her and  all i did  was  sing  all her songs  as  i grew older  i left  dancing  ever since my grandmother  passed away at the age  of 14, i got depressed and started to sing my pain away .started  a girls group  named  choosen  one  in high school .i got involved  in many talented  show and show cases i even joined  a church choir . me and  my  friends that where all so involved  in music use to sing  in the train station  just  being  creative . i love  music  music  is my life …


You are also involved in graphic design and engineering, how do you put all these aspects together?

i’m a  fast learner all this  take time and also i have great friends who are willing  to teach me  what  i  know  .i never  went to school for none of the things i  know . i am  bless


You have been developing your sound for a while, how would you describe it now?

ive been  developing  my voice  on my own  without a vocal trainer  gotta give my self  some props for  that.but   to describe  my voice  i think  im pretty smooth  when i sing  a love song  and when i hurting  in my songs u can hear and feel my pain  my struggle .. im  the best of both worlds

Brooklyn, NY is well known for Hip Hop, how has your locale influenced your sound?

it was tough living  in  the hood in brooklyn back then  in the 90s ..when i was  growing  up  everybody i knew  had  love  4 music.  i use to be  in cypher session all the  fellas  dropping  them  gem free styling and me  humming  in the background singing on some mary j blige type flow. hip-hop has a huge influences in my sound  of music today u can hear it threw my  songs i do consider  myself  a hip-hop soul artist ..

What artists would you say had the most impact on you?

mary j blige , faith evans, erykah badu, lauryn hill


Tell us about why you started Black Monrow Music?

i do everything  from taking my photos, makeup, graphic,  engineer my music , i write my own songs, i think it a great time for  me  to start  my  independent label.


What is next for Cheena Black?

I recently  drop   my single  I love you produced by  june marx (of twin perils) and  my second single  hey boy produced by namelessmuzic   dropping my  mixtape  Black 2 the future  in aug  to  represent  the album love & struggle doing  a couple of video this year  and shows.

Keep up with more from Cheena Black at:

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We continue to keep our eyes and ears open for outstanding music from around the world.  Some styles remain in only certain corners of the globe while others escape to be experienced by citizens of the earth.  A recent find of ours is now ready to be heard by the world.  Let us introduce Arstidir.


The band hails from the small yet immensely beautiful nation of Iceland.  Arstidir creates their own innovative style of chamber-pop.  Music that is perfect for huge arena sized venues but intimate enough for a small gathering in a cafe.  The group is made up of Daníel Auðunsson ­ Guitar & vocals, Gunnar Már Jakobsson ­ Guitar, Baritone guitar & vocals, Karl James Pestka – Violin & vocals, and Ragnar Ólafsson ­ Piano & vocals.  Each member uses their own unique voice and interesting instrumentation to build together into one cohesive unit.  Over the past 6 years Arstidir has toured through over 30 countries developing the sound that they have become known for by an ever-growing fanbase.  This year those numbers should grow as the group hs headlining tours planned for Europe, Japan and will even be coming to the US in the summer of 2015.

Earlier this month Arstidir released their 4th album entitled Hvel.  The 12 track record is a full experience to withhold.  From the early and ominous notes of opener ”Himinhvel” you know something different is in store for you.  There is a pop ballad feel to “Things You Said”  This is one of the few songs with English vocals but they sound as natural as their native tongue and quite pretty.  The classical sounds of “Ro” provide even more beauty to the album.  The relaxing tone is filled with sounds coming from all angles to wash over you.  Hvel is a record meant to be listened from front to end.  The closer “Unfold” will raise your attention and leave you with a delicious taste in your mouth and an indescribable urge to seek out Arstidir and experience a live performance.  We will be aiming for the show on June 29th at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC.  Follow more tour dates and get more from the band at:

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A band that creates music without the aim of fitting into any predetermined genre can be quite liberating.  Create from within and you will find many more like minds that can appreciate the music than you think.  One such group that does this in a very successful way is our recent discovery Human Behavior.

Human Behavior

The project based in Tucson, Arizona is the brainchild of songwriter and videographer Andres Parada who has been accompanied by an ever changing lineup ranging from one to thirteen members.  Since their start in 2012 Andres has used the music to portray his manic-depressive lows and orchestral highs.  The genre is a tough one to describe but a kind of dark freak-folk Americana is the closest I can get.  Human Behavior is more than just a band though, there is a full performance art side to the project.  Their shows are accompanied by video art projected on vintage televisions throughout the venue.  They have performed at such varies places as clubs, art galleries, theaters, living rooms, and caves.

The group is currently touring in support of their new album Bethpage.  The 8 track album is laid out like a full story.  In fact the song titles range from “Chapter 1” to “Chapter 8”.  To dispel any thought of this being a standard album the opener “Chapter 1” is a 10 minute opus that introduces the infectious and varied sounds of Human Behavior.  There is almost true folk americana feel to “Chapter 4” with its minimalistic touches of acoustic guitar and dual vocals.  The true beauty of the song can shine through here.  It is difficult to take this record track by track but once the listener gets to the closing track “Chapter 8” and its eerie atmospheric sound they are due to realize that they just had more of an experience than just listening to an album.  Go get yourself a full listen here:

Dive more into Human Behavior at:


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