We are not the only ones that are unhappy with the current state of the music industry and musicians being expected to write music without the return of earning a decent living.  Seems like we are not the only ones.  We would like to share an article by a friend of ours in the UK that has some solutions.  Enjoy it below:

-There are common preconceptions that suggest you’ll most likely never make any money from music, however nothing could be further from the truth – especially nowadays in our uber-connected society.

Whether on or offline, there are all sorts of manners in which to make money and make a living via music and we’re going to look at some of the traditional, modern and a hybrid of both.


Yes, once you’re qualified you can make plenty of money teaching children and adults alike music. Whether you teach online or offline, market via your local shop’s notice board or your own high tech website and social media, or whether you are a one man band or use an online company to get your work – there’s a lot of demand for guitar teachers.

teach guitar

In recent times the popularity of starter instruments such as the ukulele, older items such as the piano or less traditional methods of making music in the form of decks and the DJ means there’s a lot of demand for people with skills. Of course, the more demand, the more can be charged for the service and the more money you can make from music.


From weddings, to mini festivals, to pub gigs – there are so many ways for bands and live musicians to make money gigging. The live music scene is a very popular one and plenty of venues in most cities and towns in the UK will require musicians to play monthly, weekly or even more regularly for events or occasions. Bands and live musicians in such a case can earn a quite hefty sum of money from performing live if they seem suitable to the vendors. It’s a good way to make money from music, though one thing is necessary.

Online Promotion

Online music and the promotion that surrounds it is also a big player in not just getting gigs, but also as a line of work. The demand for musicians, competition to get gigs and to be offered recording deals means that there are plenty of people employed in this area of promotion.

Whether it’s the production of band’s websites, promotion of social media, or the ranking of YouTube videos, there are all sorts of manners in which people are making a good living from music and bands.

Online music services such as Spotify and others have changed the way that music Royalties are paid and this has opened up significant opportunities in the area of online promotion.

For a lot of these people it’s simply a case of getting bands they love or know noticed and being paid for it. As you can imagine, such efforts are not only lucrative but also very enjoyable as these people are surrounded by their musician contemporaries and make a living from promoting their careers.

Music is not a dead end career and the preconception that it is one, is a harmful and untrue one. These are just some of the ways that musicians and people can make money in the music industry.

One of our favorite and most bountiful songwriters has returned to our ears with yet another full length album.  We are somewhat amazed at the way J.P. Kallio is able to churn out quality song after quality song.

The current Dubiner, and former Finland native has music seemingly oozing out of his pours.  In addition to writing for his punk band Boneyard Bastards, and his Irish Modern Folk band Sliotar, J.P. finds time to write songs for his blossoming solo career.

JP Kallio

The latest offering Tell My Darling was released earlier this month on September 9th.  The 11 song album just keeps showing the talent of this hard working man.  His style of writing about his personal experiences and the life of the everyday man appeals to everyone who makes the time to take a listen.  The opener “Sunny Summer’s Day” leads with a speedy guitar picking effort accompanied by a relaxing wind instrument creating a sort of mad irony to the track.  The album can go in any direction that Kallio chooses.  The title track “Tell My Darling” is a mellow and emotional song that shows the influence of Irish Folk music that he is well known for.  You can feel that he is willing to pour his soul into his music on my favorite track of the album “Daddy’s Girl” as well as “Pain” which tells the story of errors that he has made and his attempts at redemption.  By the time the listener gets to the almost 6 minute album closer “Soul” you feel as if you are one with the singer and his songs.  This is a beautiful song that is minimalistic enough to allow a truly intent listening.  Another winner from J.P. Kallio.  Keep tabs on this and more new music that is sure to be here before long at: http://www.jpkalliomusic.com/  

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One of our memorable artist has returned with a new musical project for all of us.  The music has been pouring out of our friend Young Coconut once again, this time in the form of a collaborative project called Vanity Plate.

Vanity Plate

The Ontario, Canada music scene must be very full with the music that is spilled onto the streets by Dave (aka Young Coconut) and his musical friends.  For the Vanity Plate (or Vanity PL8) collaboration he has brought in the vocal talents of Jillian Collins along with some other helpers in Ayaf Thachipsee from Binary Forest and Kyle Gruber from Childebeast.  The songs have a funky alternative beat with a kind of romantic indie pop feel.

The last release by Vanity Plate is the full length album Blown To Stardust.  The 10 track record explores a wide variety of genres and influences touching on sounds for everyone.  The opener “Four Letter Put Down” provides a spacy blues sound offset by Jillian’s funk inspired vocal delivery.  The song that stood out to me was “High Maintenance”.  There is a definite ska influence that had me flashing back to old No Doubt but without all the horns.  The energy is there and constantly pushing forward throughout the 4 minute song.  The guitar solo outro shows some true talent. The tone is slowed down on “Land Called Outside” that leads to a head bopping listen.  The rock is released on “Tie Down Twins” with its bombastic edge ready to take off at any moment.  The album is full of enjoyable listening for anyone that loves good raw music with energy.  Get a listen for yourself at: http://vanitypl8.bandcamp.com/

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In today’s wide open world of music some of the best is the bands that are willing to blaze their own trail without catering to what the mainstream radio wants.  As they say “if you rock it, they will come”.  A recent find of ours Requiem For Oblivion takes this to heart and is leading the way.

Requiem For Oblivion

The band out of Erie, Pennsylvania plays an interesting blend of dark, progressive, atmospheric death metal.  The project was started by Steve Jacobson as a way to deal with some inner demons and the struggle to keep them in the past.  After some time working on the music himself, Steve found some like minds to bring the Requiem For Oblivion stage show to fruition.  The group has been getting out there locally and regionally in front of crowds that seem to drop their jaws in amazement of the sound that emerges.

Earlier this summer Requiem For Oblivion released the album Dark Tales Of Forgotten Mindscapes.  The 9 track record is an explosion of emotion and force.  From the opening “Inception” and its dark stormy beginning you know you are in for something pretty fierce.  Lead single “F.I.V.E.” goes from Deftones-like progressive to raw power instrumentals with an Ozzy-style vocal thrown in to really warp your mind.  The band shows some beauty in their musical skills on “Tale Of Woe” before the death metal lyrics take it to a whole other level.  The self titled closer “Requiem For Oblivion” brings all the energy together into a mash up of sounds seemingly coming from all angles and parts of the world.  Take a listen here: http://requiemforoblivion.bandcamp.com/album/dark-tales-of-forgotten-mindscapes-2

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A real beauty of the new music scene, where a talented artist can record and produce his own music, is the freedom to make music that appeals to himself without the need to please some major label big wig that never even wrote a song before.  Any ideas can be tried and mixed together until you personally are pleased with the music.  One exemple of this musical freedom is our latest discovery Sons On The Pyre.

Sons On The Pyre

The project from San Juan, Puerto Rico crafts an experimental kind of electronic rock.  Many influences and genres can be felt in the music including Industrial, Electronica, Metal, Asian, Hindi, and even some Reggae beats.  This is progressive music.  The sounds of Nine Inch Nails have been a major influence to Sons On The Pyre both with their innovative sounds and frontman Trent Reznor’s fearless approach to the music industry and proving being an independent success is a possibility.

The latest record from Sons On The Pyre is Biorhythm.  The 9 track album is an all out attack on the senses ready to mold your brain.  The opener “Liberator” puts the listener in a trance like state with its keyboard rhythms and atmospheric sounds.  Next is “Pillface” and a bouncy beat cut with a dark vocal track that attempts to enter your nightmares.  This will grab your attention.  There is a nice hard alternative rock song “In Silent Memory”.  There is much more added here though with noise seeming to come at you from every angle.   The dance floor is under seige on “Deaducation” with its techno sounds mixed with a haunting vocal full of impressive lyrics to make you think.  By the time you get to the closer “Thank You” you will be mentally exhausted but Sons On The Pyre try to bring you down easy with an assortment of sounds mashed together letting you choose what to focus on.

Please take a listen for yourself at: http://sonsonthepyre.com/biorhythm/


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Any artist that truly strives for success must be open to explore different takes on his music.  Collaboration is key in finding new aspects and influences to broaden the depth of your sound.  One man who is unafraid of this is our friend Junior Turner.

The United Kingdom rising star has been reaching all corners of the globe for the right people to work with and have their hands in his music.  After many accomplishments such as winning songwriting contests and having his songs reach the top of the indie charts, Junior is still willing to let people rework his craft.  The latest experiment is the remix of his song “Better Day” by DJ DavyD.  The track has a disco sound that will put a groove in anyone’s step.  Take a listen here: 

The powerful lead vocal of Junior Turner is accompanied by the voice of Jess Wood to sweeten it up.  The track was released last Friday, September 12th and is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.  Check it out and keep your ears on new stuff coming out regularly from Junior Turner.

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