When a pair of musicians is truly having fun in what they do it becomes abundantly obvious in their music.  This fun bleeds through the songs and is transferred effortlessly to the listener creating new fans at each listen.  Our friends from A&L are keeping it going with new music for us to hear.

The duo from Buffalo, New York has used their many years of experience in the music industry to combine to churn out songs full of pop appeal.  Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie have Grammy nominations on their resume through over 20 years of music industry experience.  Now their goal is to just have fun with the music and see people respond positively to what they are doing.  

The third single released from A&L is “Hot Mess”.   The upbeat pop-rock song is an instant classic with a super catchy melody and lyrics that will bring a chuckle and smile to your face.  Most people can relate to the characters they sing about in the local bar scene all too well.  This is music to have fun with and listen to over and over again.  An entertaining music video has already been made to accompany the track.  Enjoy it here:



Keep up with more news and music from A&L at: http://www.facebook.com/AandLmusic 

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It may seem obvious but there is a huge link between music and visual art.  As technology advances and the attention span of people shrinks, an artist needs to attract potential fans through as many outlets as possible.  Our recent discovery SlimDali has a bunch of talents to make this happen.  

The artist from London, UK describes himself as not only multi-dimensional but extra-dimensional.  The surreal pop sound of SlimDali combines both art and electro pop to form something truly original.  There is a dance aspect as well to the music with its new wave influences from such early luminaries as Talking Heads, Japan, Metronomy and the Human League.  SlimDali is something that must be experienced with all of its visual and sonic glory.  Enjoy an example in his music video for “Pagan Chant”

In early December SlimDali will be releasing his 3rd EP to the world in the form of “The Clique”. The record consists of 3 tracks that will be accompanied by videos to further reveal his vision for the world.  The opener “Holes” creates a dark vibe that envelops the listener in an eerie world. The stereo effects will keep you guessing where the next sonic outburst will come from.  The more rocking “Hourglass And The Party Cat” adds more and more sound to the already crowded field that will temporarily warp your mind.  The 80’s new wave influence is heard in the vocals here.  The album concludes with “Disguise” and its bunch of conflicting melodies that grab attention and force multiple listens to take it all in.  This is a full experience of an EP.  Keep up with this and more from SlimDali at: http://www.slimdali.com/ 

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The classic sounds of the guitar blues rock of the 1970’s never seems to go out of style.  More artists than you can count claim that time and genre as major influences on their modern music.  Sometimes the modern touches lose much of the classic vibe but bands like DownTown Mystic is keeping it classic and fresh.

The project is the alter ego of American Rocker, Robert Allen, whose passion for the “old school” sound borders on obsession.  The music that he listened to as a child never left his system and he now pumps out raw music that stays true to its roots.  DownTown Mystic has a way of creating a story while showing off his vintage pedigree from influences such as Buffalo Springfield, Eagles, and Rolling Stones.

The latest release by DownTown Mystic is the Soul’d Out digital single.  The record contains 3 songs that continue the style that has become all his own.  The title track “Soul’d Out” is a mellow rocker that draws the listener in close to the storytelling.  Emotion pours from this track.  “Brian Jones” turns up the energy with an homage to the troubled Rolling Stones member who lived the wild lifestyle that DownTown Mystic keeps alive in his music.  Enjoy the music video here:

The album closes with “Rise And Fall #2” which has a more new wave feel to it with an intriguing staccato guitar style that littered with sounds popping in and out of the fun mix.  Definitely an entertaining track to listen to.  Keep up with more from DownTown Mystic at: http://downtownmystic.net/ 

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The world is still reeling from the horrible terrorist attacks in Paris, France last week.  There has been a huge outpouring of support and emotions for the people affected in Paris and this new somewhat scary world we live in now.  One way I usually try to deal with the craziness is to turn to music.  Our friend Kenny Fame just released a new track to help in the healing.

The song that he put out this week called “Goodbye…” is a heartfelt track creates a beautiful vibe with atmospheric background and Kenny’s touching vocals.  The chorus lyrics “There’s no good in goodbye” shows how he has mastered the use of words in his songwriting.  Take a listen here:


Find more Kenny Fame music and stories at:



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There is a truly classic sound to the late 1970’s rock scene.  It has been many years since then and many musical styles have came and went in that time but that classic guitar rock sound has remained very prevalent through today.  There are some amazing artists keepin that scene alive including Ryan Helman.

Ryan Helman

The British born singer/songwriter hails from Harrow.  Ryan has been perfecting his own version of the classic sound for years now.  Influences can be heard from such bands as The Beatles, The Kinks, Four Seasons, Squeeze, and Elvis Costello.  Ryan Helman has continued to keep belting out songs resulting in 3 solo albums and a string of singles.

The latest song to hit the airwaves is “Bowl Of Something”.  The track starts with a sweet guitar power right off the bat.  As the vocals come in the classic pop-rock feel is confirmed as the straight ahead beat keeps it tightly wound.  This is a fun song that will creates a groove that will have fans bopping along.  Keep up with “Bowl Of Something” and more classic track by Ryan Helman at: www.ryanhelman.com    

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When an artist seems to have found the right path in their music career and life.  We like to keep track of them and see the progress of success.  We were introduced to Samie Bisaso back in March when we reviewed his single “Million Pieces”.  (Check out the writeup here).  He is now back with a complete album to experience.

Samie Bisaso

The singer/songwriter seems to have hit his stride and is letting his life be led by the message in music.  Samie Bisaso’s sound is a soulful mix of R&B, Pop, and Gospel that reaches out and connects with the listener.  The critics are picking up on him also as Samie has been nominated for a slew of awards for his music.

The newest album also called Million Pieces is the next step in his journey.  The 13 track record puts it all out there for everyone to enjoy.  The opener “Completely” sets the tone with an anthem style song laying out what Samie Bisaso stands for and who leads the way for him.  There is a fun and bouncy beach vibe running through “Live For You” as the sound seems to come from all angles creating a warm and fun aura.  “Your All” enters the contemporary pop music genre with a strong showing.  This is a song ready for mainstream attention.  The great sounds continue all the way to the closer “Forever In My Heart” where Samie truly shows the emotion and love in his voice.  The production here is top notch and should be heard by all.  Check out more from Samie Bisaso at: http://www.samiebisaso.com/ 


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