Music will always be a constantly changing organism.  Indie Folk/Pop artist Will Mitchell has taken years of experiences and experimentation to develop a sound that is truly unique and all his own.  After working within bands for years, Will has decided to put all the pressure on himself and embrace the sole responsibility for his music.  This accountability seems to have invigorated his solo career and set him on an upward trajectory.  Being born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, going to school in Boston, Massachusetts, and now settling in Atlanta, Georgia has given him a wide array of influences to pick and choose from to craft a very personal style of music.  Will Mitchell writes music to satisfy himself and his emotions and hopes that there is a slice of people out there that can relate and identify with his songs as he allows them to enter his world.  A warm happy place where positivity can pull you from even the dark times.

Will Mitchell

The most recent release by Will Mitchell is Beta.  The 11 track record brings together his dreamy folk/pop sound with full production to amass quite an interesting listen.  The opener “Abyss” sets the tone with a happy melody describing some past relationships that are not too happy.  The vocals brought memories of early Grandaddy to mind.  This complicated sonic imagery continues throughout.  It is obvious a lot of work went into “Controlled Dive” with a full dark sonic palette of lush instrumentals balancing perfectly against the haunting vocal.  Emotions spill all over the music.  There is a pretty piano that leads the way on “Get Got” giving it a ballad type of feel.  This one was written back in 2005 and shows the development and style diversity of Will Mitchell.  The closer “Rain Down” is the culmination of all this diversity into a complete song that has touches of raw rock energy with a mellow lyrical delivery that creates a warmth and closeness to the singer even though it seems as he has been on a string of bad luck.  This is very well produced album and leads us to believe big things are in store for Will Mitchell.  Keep up with the rise and get into Will’s mind at:

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What makes a DJ truly a great addition to a party? Being able to keep the crowd and everyone else attending engaged. However, in order to connect with the audience, more than the ability to play some records in a good order is necessary.

Setting the tone is important. So important that we’ve put together our top tips with the help of on how to do just that.

DJ music

Tips for Setting the Right Tone

First, set the tone. As the DJ, it’s your job to set the atmosphere for the party or other event. so you need to know what is appropriate to play. If you need help setting the tone, consider the following.

– What’s the event? Knowing what kind of mood the partiers are going for will help you choose the right music. For example, you wouldn’t go to a country-western party and play the same songs that you would at a fundraising dinner. Check out the following rules we follow for various types of events.

– Think about whether or not the focus of the party or even is the music. If it’s not, then be sure to play softer music that can be enjoyed in the background. You don’t want to take attention away from the focus of the event. An art gallery opening should be focused on the art. The people only want background white noise. At a wedding, the dinner portion is a chance for people to relax and chat with the other guests. Take the time to get to know them during this time so you can anticipate what to play later. Whenever guests are talking, play soft music. Just remember that your music is still important – otherwise you wouldn’t have been hired.

– If your music is to be the main attraction (such as at a dance party) then you want to play upbeat music that people can focus on and enjoy. Being able to sing along helps get the party moving as well.

– Sometimes things get really tricky. For example, a lounge party or other attraction where movement is encouraged – but not too much – requires a good balance between energizing music and music that is easy to ignore if somebody wants to. Encourage, but don’t distract. Find a good groove for people to move to.

– What’s the crowd? This is a good time to put your profiling skills to work. You definitely want to be somewhat good at socializing to get a feel for what people like. You can get a good idea of the general tastes of a group by looking at the clothes they wear, the way they style their hair, and even how they talk and walk. Of course, this won’t dictate how you play your music all night, but it can help you get off on the right foot.

The mesh of music and video has evolved tremendously over the years.  Most teenagers today are discovering new music through YouTube as opposed to mainstream radio or any other source.  A clever music video can attract more new fans than any other medium today.  Our latest find Mindz I is using this new evolution perfectly.

Hailing from New Jersey, Mindz I is a lyricist that produces music that blurs the lines of musical genres.  There is definitely a focus on hip hop but the influence of rock, dubstep, metal and reggae.  This fusion has helped him create a sound that is truly original while attracting fans from multiple genres.  Mindz I has a goal of changing the way music is experienced with the use of music videos with powerful imagery to appeal to all of the listener’s senses.

Earlier this year Mindz I released the EP iScience to launch his plan.  The lead single “When The World Ends” is accompanied by a psychedelic music video.  Enjoy it here:

Along with the full background of clashing genre sounds Mindz I fires out thought provoking lyrics with a flow that is strong and powerful.  The hook will get deep into your brain while other sounds seem to attack from every angle of your speakers.  This is music to make you think.

You can keep up with more music and the journey at:

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The amount of music submissions we get here at Indie Band Guru seems to increase every day.  Some come with a full on PR blitz of flashy bios, websites, and professional photos while others just shoot us a link to hear some music.  Honestly we are more likely to check out the flashy submission but a short message with a cool sounding artist name can usually at least get me to take a listen.  For example Teacher Preacher seemed worth a few minutes even without the hype and it was well worth the click.

Teacher Preacher

The only info that came with the Soundcloud link was that Teacher Preacher was with D. Thrash Productions and 4dbt Inc.  We dove in and found a collection of home grown country rap tunes mixed with a captivating southern flow.

There is a free mixtape available called Tales of an Appalachian King Vol. 1.  The 16 track record is a fun ride with that deep south groove that digs deep in your brain.  The first song “Ken Folks” sets the tone with a peppy beat mixed with some interesting instruments that let you know this will be a fun but different ride.  On “Dixie Boy Pride” and “Back Home” that Southern love shows off with the vibe that has become the staple of the sound.  The lyrics are deep and tell of real life and surroundings of the artist.  The help of Boondock Kingz is brought in on “Hustling For Nothing”.  The melody and beat get the head bopping while the vocals reach deep and demand your attention.  The sound turns to R&B on “Streets Remix” with some exotic sounds filling out the soundscape.  Teacher Preacher seems to be able to go in any musical direction he sees fit.

After listening to this whole record I truly believe the South will rise again.  Hear for yourself at:


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One of the needed assets for any band is true determination.  When you are starting out you will probably run into many people that don’t appreciate what you do and are full of negativity.  It is easy to just agree with them and quit but if you are doing something you love it doesn’t matter how others feel as long as you are happy.  The Striped Bananas keep pushing forward to achieve their personal dream.

Striped Bananas

The band formed back in 2010 to fill what they felt was a void in the music scene.  Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, The Striped Bananas create a experimental and psychedelic kind of alternative rock that does not try to fit into any nice little box.  The group is made up of Duncan – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Sitar and Organ, Chantelle – Vocals and Keyboards, and Andrew – Vocals and Drums.  When they started out the reaction to their sound was tough but they pushed forward anyway and now find themselves at the heart of a new psychedelia renaissance.

A few weeks ago The Striped Bananas released their third full length album called Cosmic Carnival.  The 10 track record brings a lot of classic rock sounds together with the group’s own psychedelic twist.  The opener “Bad Hands Mackenzie” starts the record with a raw rock tone and a groovy bass line that starts the mind on a trip.  The Striped Bananas take on a version of the 1961 Del Shannon classic “Runaway” with their own trippy style that makes the song sludge along right into your heart.  The wall of sound that backs up “Captain Merwin” seems to be coming at you from all angles as you find yourself awash in the psychedelic sounds.  The album closes with “Carnival”, another assortment of exotic instrument sounds accompanied by vocal harmonies that bring to mind a wild sing along sea shanty.  This is beautiful music for the open minded.  Get a taste for yourself at:

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One of the beauties of the advancement of recording techniques is that it is now easy for a songwriter to record a full album and all the instrumental parts on his own in his own space.  This has brought much more music to the world.  Something we heard recently is Third Thought.

Third Thought

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Matt Ingles is the brains behind Third Thought.  He has been playing guitar and writing songs since he was 14.  His love of music has a wide range as Matt claims everything from Thrash Metal to 60’s Pop as influences.  The focus of his music is to create something passionate and interesting.

The newest release by Third Thought is the full length album Speakin Vibes.  The 11 track record tackles some different rock genres to put out a full plate of sound.  The opener”Banana Havoc” lets you know right away you are in for something different.  There is some raw emotion on “Denial Blues” that bleeds through the lyrics.  The vocals are not the strongpoint of Matt but the songwriting talent is very evident.  On “Maybe Next Time” he lets his guitar do the talking and the melodic journey becomes quite magical.  One of the stronger songs is “Gentlemen’s Curse Lifted”.  The slowly strummed guitar provides only a background as the lyrics and minimalistic feel creates an aura of reaching deep into the songwriter’s mind.  Get a listen for yourself to the full album at:

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