Dance music has taken many twists and turns over the years.  As the clothes changed the  sound of the music has changed.  Some artists can bring this evolution together into one solid piece of music like our friend Jimi Newton.

He started as a guitarist but adds much of dance music’s past to his current songwriting through  his influences of funk and 70’s disco.  Last year we introduced The Jimi Newton Project to you with his debut full-length album The Jimi Newton Project 1.0.  The album covered a fun ride with an intense feeling of getting up and moving your ass.

Now Jimi Newton is back with new music and a video to match.  The record is scheduled for release February 19th.  We are able to share the first single “Time To Turn It Around” with you today. Enjoy the video here:

It is another funky little ass shaking number that bleeds disco through and through.  He was able to draw in the vocal talents of Marri Nallos for this one.  The sultry vocals push the song along and demands multiple listens to take it all in.


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It is a beautiful thing in the current state of music that a man with an idea and use of a computer can create full songs that are ready for the masses to hear.  The electronic music scene is definitely the biggest beneficiary of the computer program generation.  A recent find of ours goes by the name Dataphiles.


The London based independent music producer, DJ, and Reaktor wrangler aims to make energetic and uplifting music.  His style is experimental but focuses on the electro and gLitch genres mainly.  The beauty of being independent is that Dataphiles can go in any direction he chooses and basically make music that appeals to him.  Fortunately there are many others that can really vibe in his original style.

Next month, on February 23rd, Dataphiles has planned to release the Steampunk Cybercrunk EP.  Indie Band Guru was able to get an advanced listen.  The 4 song record is a full experience to what he has to offer.  The opener “Beep Beep Baby” hits you right away with an interesting attack of noise that fills the sonic space.  It is glitchy and energetic with some deep bass fills to power the dance floor.  On “Remember Me” Dataphiles lets a haunting piano melody take the lead as other sounds are added sparingly to build a whole atmosphere of spookiness.  A fun song to listen to all the way through.  The closer “Waltzing With The Devil” takes another direction as the Waltz in the title holds true with the 3/4 time signature.  Classical instruments are infused to create a throwback to an earlier time but with the computer mashing it all together to be almost futuristic.  Keep an eye out for Dataphiles music at the club and at:


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It is much easier in today’s music climate to keep up with musicians who release music as it comes to them instead of waiting every two years for a new full length album.  We introduced Matthew James Allen to you last summer but he has returned to the spotlight with another impressive track.

Matthew Allen

To refresh, we found out about the singer-songwriter from Texarkana with the release of his single “Don’t Let Go” through Artistry Entertainment Group.  Matthew James Allen has been making music in many varieties for a while now building up a nice following.  After reuniting with producer and friend Frank Pryor and his label Artistry Entertainment things have really been picking up steam.  Given the freedom to write songs true to himself without the pressures of the Nashville scene has led to music faith, hope, love, life, and everything in between.

The latest look into Matthew’s heart is the single “All This Time”.  It is a mellow acoustic driven track that highlights his strong vocals.  The production is top notch giving the feel of a full concert lineup behind him.  The verse to chorus transition sucks the listener in and leaves him singing along before he even knows it.  Keep a watch on Matthew James Allen and other rising stars at :


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A trend that we feel is a great evolution in the music industry is the increase in EP and even single releases as opposed to full length albums.  It is best to stay in your fans minds by releasing new music more often instead of a 18 month to 2 year wait for a new album.  With the recording technology today a band has the ability to go from writing to recording to releasing in a much quicker fashion than the old major record label model.  A band who gets this is our friends The One2s.

One 2s

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based band is the compilation of two locally successful acts, Leiana and Big Crowd Popular.  Thier sound is a mix of brit-pop, shoegaze, and punk with a raw energy that exudes from the music.  Last year The One2s sent us the One2s EP 1.  Which set the tone for the new band providing catchy raw material that the current indie scene is eating up.  Now they are back with EP2 as they finish off their debut full length.  Keep feeding the fans what they want!

The new EP is 5 more tracks of raw unadulterated emotion pushed out if a fuzzy in your face way.  The 2 minute opener “Gazed Out” shows a splash of a more atmospheric sound that aims to set your mind up for the assault it is about to receive.  “Cryer” is a more aggressive song with distorted guitars driving the full on wall of sound.  There is a more epic/experimental tone to this EP than the EP1.  The drums take the lead on “I Can See..” as an interesting guitar melody joins in to further warp the listener’s mind as to what they are experiencing.  Leiana’s vocals help push that even farther here.  The closer “Blank Stare” slows it down some as the emotion of the band is shared with everyone. This is a perfect way to end off the record and leave the listener waiting for more.  Get on board now at:

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When a man has a passion for something great things can be accomplished.  It is not necessary to have an ingrown skill or talent.  If true passion is there these things can be learned and you will enjoy the ride.  When inspiration kicks you in the pants take notice and drive towards what feels right.  Our friends of the project Dav!d&Clara are a great example of this.

Dav!d & Clara

The mind behind the project is David Castillo.  His partner Clara is actually his computer.  Together they create an assortment of sound that he describes as electronic industrial.  The spark that started the inspiration was actually Gwen Stefani’s solo single “What Are You Waiting For?”  From there David knew he wanted to make music.  Guitar and piano did not really click but when he discovered the joys of musical computer programs he was hooked.  The result is dark. raw, and intriguing.

The next album by Dav!d&Clara is set for release on Valentine’s Day.  The title is the fitting Adventures In Love, Lust, And Life.  Indie Band Guru was able to get an advance listen to the 8 track record.  The innovative style of the last record H/U/M/A/N is taken to new heights.  Album opener “Blush” mixes a very pop friendly 80’s lyrical sound with the grinding industrial sounds that have become the D&C trademark.  The slow build of “Glam” is dark but somehow turns into a song that could fit in the background of a cheesy 80’s movie.  These songs are deep.  “Pure” lets the vocals take the forefront with a steady yet minimalistic beat with some computer cacophony thrown in to industrialize it.  The dark tone stays ever-present through the closer “Starcrossed”.  The mix of noises combine to form a gloomy yet beautiful piece.  Go get some samples at: and keep an eye out for the new album.

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An artist that draws inspiration for his songwriting through his real life and not some made up character will always be more relatable and approachable to the fans.  Having the courage to share your personal life story gets easier the more you do it and the songwriting in general becomes a needed release of emotions.  A good example is Willy Breed.

The straightforward hip hop MC and recording Artist was born in 1991 in NY and grew up in Long Island with his parents.  He dedicated his young life to school and graduated Central High School as an honor student even with many obstacles and losses trying to hold him back.  Willy Breed uses this to create his own brand of ‘real’ hip hop that is open to exposing harsh truths and to inspire to overcome.

The latest single “My Life” is the first off his recently released mixtape COld Hard Facts.  It takes a spacey and full beat and details Willy’s day to day struggle as well as giving listeners an inside glimpse into his home life.  He is not afraid to ask for help throughout the impressive lyrical flow.  The change ups in the sound will keep the attention of the audience throughout the full story of the song.  Take a listen here:

Keep up with Willy Breed at:

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