We are always on the search for new and innovative styles of music.  When someone has the imagination to truly experiment and turn things on their heads it makes us stand up and take notice.  Let us introduce you to the music of Klis and his new genre.

Sequential Music

Back in 2011, Edward De Bono’s book ‘Po’ and Steve Spacek’s album ‘Black Pocket’, inspired the experimental musician, Klis, to create a new and alternative method for writing songs.  He dubbed in “Sequential Music”.  According to his definition it is a musical composition where the instruments are played one after the other in a serial fashion.  Any musician who has worked with any production software such as ProTools has probably experimented with running only one track at a time.  Klis has taken this to the next extreme level.

Now Klis has returned to add the next chapter with his new release Sequential Music: An Alternative Approach For Experimental Minds.  He has invited his favourite underground artists to produce tracks using this sequential technique.  From the opening track “What” you are very aware that you are about to experience something completely different.  The songs are difficult to describe but there are no genre lines holding anything back here.  There is a freedom heard on tracks like “I’m Leavin”, “Particle 4”, and “Wubwub”.  The frantic energy can truly be heard on Klis’ own song “Blipper” which started the whole trend.  This is definitely an album to check out if you are open to innovative music.  Go here now: http://sequential-music.com/

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We are not alone in our belief that music is a universal language that can speak to anyone. Every corner of the globe has a sound to share with your ears.  When a song can move you to dance it is a powerful thing.  Our new discovery Armada Named Sound seems to be on a mission to do just that.


The duo hailing from Greece is made up of Maus and Andromeda S.  Their sound is a type of space electro-pop that adds elements from the trance, trip hop, and rock genres as well.  Armada Named Sound claims influences that vary from Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Grimes, Gwen Stefani to Bjork, Massive Attack, Portishead, as well as classical music.  They use exclusively electronic instruments and do all the performing, arranging and recording themselves.   The music is full of lush soundscapes that aim to create urges within the listener whether it be to laugh, cry, or dance.

The last release by Armada Named Sound is the Starchildren EP.  The 4 song record is a collection of tracks conceived between March and July of 2014 and now on record to share with the world.  Straight from the opener “Afterdrive” the attack of energy hits you.  The driving beat will get the heart pumping and the use of a full assortment of sounds will keep your attention throughout.  A darker 80’s electro feel shows up on “Fixation”.  The minor keys create an almost eerie feel while the vocals add another level.  The future comes alive on “Droid Dance” with its techno beat and dance floor energy spilling into all the layers contained within.  The speed really picks up on the closer “Blindvei” forcing anyone to have the urge to dance.  The vocals stay a little buried but the focus stays on the beat here.

Keep up with Armada Named Sound at: http://www.armadanamedsound.com/

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In our continuous search around the globe for innovative and beautiful music we have ventured to the Nordic countries quite often.  Maybe it is the beauty and serenity of the landscape or maybe it is that these countries seem to live in relative peace away from the aggression of the rest of the world.  Our latest find Blupa Music seems to fit this mold.

Blupa Yellow Dog

Blupa Music is the indie-folk-rock-blues-jazz expression of guitarist, singer, songwriter and audio recording artist Geir Erlend Roev.  He was born in Stavanger, Norway in 1973 (actually making him a year older than me).  This long era of making music has developed into a very personal style that blends all of his influences together.

On May 12th Blupa Music released the Yellow Dog EP with hopes of exposing his sound to more listeners.  The opening track is a beautiful beginning to the prettiness of his sound with its mellow yet adventurous vibe to it.  Vocals and instruments are layered perfectly over each other.  This is relatively rare for an EP.  The title track “Yellow Dog” is more experimental with its interesting vocal delivery as he tells a full story.  “Lovers Of Eternity” continues this innovative style of storytelling with other instruments added to give it even more substance.  The record closes with “Revolution Blues” as the story takes a darker tone.  The guitar is well played and keeps the listener’s attention throughout the song.

Experience it for yourself at:



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Music is used in many ways.  Some of them are much more productive than others and music has been known to change lives and even save them.  We have covered one of those saved lives before in the person of Andy Oliver.

Andy Oliver

The folk/singer-songwriter from the UK turned to music in the second chapter of his life as a way to deal with, and somewhat escape, his battles with alcohol.  Andy Oliver has the bravery to pour his true troubles into his music and tell the stories of his past.  Sometimes it is dark but knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel makes it inspiring.

Now Andy Oliver has released the EP My Finest Hour as a rise from the ashes.  The short form record examines how he is not alone in struggles and now can observe life with a straight eye.  The opener “Ordinary Day” is an acoustic track where Andy fills the speakers with a full soundscape of emotion.  The title track “Finest Hour” uses an array of instruments to tell the story of reaching the best person you can be.  The mix is odd at times but seems to blend together in a strange cacophony by song’s end.  The mellowed out “Why God Why” is somewhat dark but eases the mind to let it all sink in with a relaxed feel.  On the album closer “Reasons” the prettiness truly comes out in the reverbed vocals and minimalistic melody.  This record is a deep listen that should be experienced by any open mind.

Keep up with Andy Oliver at:





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Kids take in much more than we ever realize at the time.  Being surrounded and exposed to diverse music as a child leads to a well balanced young adult who can choose to pursue the musical craft later because they already have the groundwork implanted in them.  A good example is our recent find Phresh.


The artist was born in the Bronx, NYC in 1989 as Kristene Walker.  Her mom brought her down to Atlanta at the age of seven.  Her uncles down there were the hot DJs of the time known as Supreme Sound.  Being introduced to their legendary music collection gave Phresh the start that she needed to start writing music by the age of 11.  The love of a wide array of musical genres has helped develop her sound into an original style for the hip hop genre.  She hit the ground running and has been sharing her style at the clubs and on compilation records with other area artists.  Now hooked up with Street Roc Music Phresh is on her way.

The debut mixtape Loud Silence was released on April 30th.  The 11 track record sets the basis for the Phresh sound along with some help from her Street Roc labelmates.  You know you are in for something different from the “Intro” with its mellow piano sound and Phresh’s sultry spoken word piece.  The tempo picks up on “Mercy” with some exotic samples paired with an impressive flow that attacks the mind.  This will make you think.  The high speed flows continue on “Poppin” with the help of Stiff tha Godz.  The energetic vocals paired with the trippy and mellow beat makes for a good listen.  The smooth sounds are still there on “Play By Play” creating that dichotomy that will keep your head guessing.  The mixtape closes like it opens with a mellow piano beat on “Would It Bring Me”.  The up and down vocal delivery grabs attention while the beat relaxes your soul.  Take a listen to the full record for yourself at: https://loudsilencemixtape.bandcamp.com

You can find Phresh on Social Media:

Twitter & IG: phresh_sr

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhreshSR

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It is just a fact that everyone, especially artists, will run into many obstacles and challenges in life.  How we react to these obstacles it what sets us apart.  The ability to push forward can feed off of itself and drive someone to become a huge success because of these challenges.  A great example is our new friend Ryan Dunlap.

Ryan Dunlap

The singer/songwriter from the town of Perrysburg, Ohio has dealt with his fair share and more.  The unexpected passing of his father at a young age motivated Ryan to turn his grief into strength as he focused on songwriting and completed his debut album Sometimes The Worlds Just Ugly back in 2011.  This success set him on a musical path.  Unfortunately challenges popped up again as Ryan started to lose his eyesight and underwent multiple operations in an attempt to save it.  Now 28 years old and fully blind in his right eye, the drive is back to right more music and share it with the world.

The result is his second full length album It Is What It Is.  The 14 track record is a testament to seeing the good things and people in the world even after devastating setbacks.  The opener “Till Tomorrow” is a feel good number with a fun melody that will have your toes tapping from the start.  On “Burned” Ryan brings in a full complement of sound to accompany his great storytelling style.  The song seems larger than life at times while still remaining heartfelt and earnest.  Ryan Dunlap’s ability to tell a story through song truly shines on “Empty Seat At The Bar”.  The slowed down track dives a little deeper into a blues country sound with lyrics that draw the listener into the story and a wish to see where it goes.  “The Great Wheel” brings the upbeat vibe back to the record with some interesting guitar riffs that smooth out over lyrics that are deep and tell of the unstoppable movement of time and getting older.  The album closes with the title track “It Is What It Is” which may be a hidden track, because it took some time to get started.  It is a stripped down song featuring just the touching voice of Ryan and his acoustic guitar.  It provides a feeling that he is performing this one just for you.

You can find Ryan Dunlap all over the web:





iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ryan-dunlap/id472432572

Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/artist/6uFFp9S67ZThCRCC4t6WGQ

Instagram @Ryandunlapmusic

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