There are many distractions in todays society for a child.  Be it the internet or the iPad there is always something pulling at a young person’s free time.  This is why I find it even more amazing today when I find a young person that started musical studies at a young age and is able to keep up with it and become the talented artist that they were meant to be.  Our latest find XJ Jack is a great example of this.

The DJ, performer, actor, rapper and producer is only 19 years old but well on his way to a promising career.  Also known as Umet Ellez, XJ Jack first started diving into music at the age of 9 when the passion grabbed him.  Piano and DJ lessons followed  building the foundation for his imagination.  After some friends convinced him that his music needed to heard he began working on an EP in 2012.

Two years later the Lucid Dreaming EP came to fruition.  The 7 track record is a testament to what a skilled individual can do with the right training and equipment.  The album opening static of “Another Dimension” shifts the listener into another world with a trance like effect.  The mellow build is a perfect starter for what is to come.  On “Fears, Drugs, And, Spirits” the sound moves toward a grooving dance floor beat getting the head bobbing along.  The climax of the record has to be “Jager Dreams” from its monotone vocal beginning to the bass drop that will get everyone on the dancefloor.  The track grinds along shifting just enough to keep the listener guessing.  The rapping flow is showed off on “rAve Maria”.  There seems to be everything thrown all together into one here.  XJ Jack seems to be able to go in any direction he chooses.  We are looking forward to what is next.

Enjoy “Jager Dreams” below:


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There is a never ending stream of music coming into our offices every day.  Personally I can usually tell within 15 seconds if the song has potential or not.  We often go through much “less than promising” music before we come across something we like.  Today when I first heard “Catalina” by Gillian Glover I was forced to sit up and take notice right away.  Her voice is smooth and somewhat intoxicating.  The interesting instrumentation of the song seems to take pieces from a wide variety of classic music styles.  Enjoy the simple yet very well made music video for the track below:

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Musical inspiration can strike at any moment for an open minded artist.  Even while your time is being “stolen” by other things in living your daily life be ready to accept an idea and turn it into song.  Our latest find A&L seems to have done just that.

The duo is made up of two seasoned music industry professionals who have come together to share in ideas.  Anthony Casuccio is a 20 year veteran whose production work has been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards.  Lana Marie is an award winning vocalist on the East Coast whose voice has been featured on many radio and television jingles.

One day while Casuccio was stuck in an overly long meeting he had the urge for a nice adult beverage.  The song “Get Me A Drink” was written before the meeting even ended.  He brought in Lana who belts out the vocals with an energetic roar demanding that everyone listening get up and party.  The melody will stick in your head and be humming inside there way after the 3 minute song is over.  Take a listen here:


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People are inspired by many different things in life to pursue music.  Some of it is positive influences of their parents but other times it is horrible circumstances that drives an artist to success.  Using this can be truly motivating.  This seems to be the case with Argyle Gray.

Argyle Gray

The beatmaker and producer hails from the West Coast of the United States where he has recently reinvented himself  to pursue new projects.  After losing his friend and collaborator Phillip Tyrone Griffin, also known as rapper Priceless Game, he knew changes had to be made to get out his real skills to the world.  His new name Argyle Gray is a play on words from his former elementary school, R. Guild Gray.  There are big things in the work for the artist as he plans a few “must do” projects from his full recording studio in Capitol Hill, Seattle.

We recently got the chance to enjoy Argyle Gray’s latest mixtape Argyle Boom.  The 9 track record is a collection of remixes and a few originally produced songs.  The opening remix of Eminem’s “My Name Is” sets the tone that there will be no slight changes only large genre shifting studio techniques that will turn these songs on their head.  Argyle offers up some sonic explosions and heavy almost EDM style versions of such tracks as 50 Cent’s “Many Men” and Jay Z’s “City Is Mine”.  By the time you reach originals like “Itsy Bitsy” you realize that this is a pure talent in the studio that can go in any direction that he sees fit.  Keep a look out for Argyle Gray’s music coming to a club near you soon.

Follow the music at:

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There are always new spins on established music genres popping up all the time.  This is great for bands as each new style builds up its own fanbase that loves finding a niche.  We just came across a new band in a new style that seems to be gaining steam.  Let us introduce you to Blood Sugar Summer.

Blood Sugar Summer

The band is a duo firmly in the doomwave genre.  The style is based on doom metal but adds heavy synth influence and witty production.  The duo is made up of Benjó James (vocals/keys) and Jack Wilson (guitars) who got together to make something original and new.

The first track by Blood Sugar Summer is the epic sounding “Haunted”.  The song sludges forward with a trance-like feel while the vocals are uttered with an intense vibe.  There is a lot of noise filling the soundscape to keep the ear occupied as well as auto-tune and studio effects creating something fresh to listen to.  Keep an eye on Blood Sugar Summer and their new beginnings at:

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The biggest key to developing as a songwriter is to just keep doing it.  You must be prolific in writing songs as much as you possibly can and then be aware enough to pick apart those songs and strive to make them better.  Our latest find J. Schnitt takes this very seriously and it shows.

J. Schnitt

The Utica, New York native has independently released 14 albums.  That is a lot of songwriting!  J. Schnitt’s music is tough to pinpoint as there are elements of folk, country, alt-rock, and experimental genres.  When you take the time to focus on the lyrics you see that he is a talented poet as well.  He has taken his exotic sound on the road as well winning over fans throughout the Northeast US as well as in Ireland and Eastern Europe.  Due to his prolific nature he plays with other bands as well to get out all the music that is inside of his head.  In addition to his solo work and his band The Archipelagos, some of his many and ever changing side projects include playing lead guitar with The Real Burnouts and piano and accordion with folk rock band The Neon Marias.

The latest solo record by J. Schnitt is the omnipresent War Tubas.  The full length 14 track album was performed, produced, and recorded by the songwriter himself.  The opener “Saddest Sitcom Writer” brought to my mind a mellowed out Elvis Costello upon first listen.  The lyrical phrasing of J. Schnitt stands out and draws in the listener.  On the standout “Belly Of A Bird” there seems to be random sounds and beats coming at you from every angle.  The sound is raw and again draws the listener in for a closer listen.  The dust bowl folk and country genres show up on “The Long Distance Runner”.  The minimal instrumentation gives the song a warm campfire kind of feel.  The closing title track “War Tubas” is a very pretty song that uses a piano fill drive it forward and build to an anthemic chorus.  This is an album that demands a full listen.  Give it to yourself at:


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