With the constant flux of new music coming out every day in this easily recordable and releasable independent music industry one must set themselves apart to gain any traction.  Being a skilled songwriter and musician will give you a leg up but having an angle is needed to rise to the top.  Our latest find Omar Bowing seems to have everything falling into place.

The independent singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas has been setting himself apart by playing a truly unique instrument called a guitarviol.  It is a handmade hybrid of a guitar and a bowed instrument.  Omar Bowing also seeks deeper effect with his music.  He has delved into the study of sound waves and the effects they can have on the rest of the body besides the obvious aural pleasure to the ears.  He writes music not only with the listener in mind but also their physical presence and the effect of these sound waves.

The most recent release by Omar Bowing is entitled 432 Hz.  It is not just a clever number.  Omar actually tunes his instruments to 432 Hz instead of the standard 440 Hz to target a more natural harmonic and different sound wave than “normal” Rock Music.  The 7 track record is more than a straight rock album.  There is a progressive groove that brings the music to a higher level.  The opener “Virus” lets loose with an angry tone that grabs attention from the start.  On “Fear Free” an even darker mood is set while the walking bassline brings you to a scary place.  Omar Bowing shows his sense of storytelling in song with the powerful “Code Love”.  This is not standard commonplace music.  Enjoy the very professionally made video below:


The album continues in a dark yet intriguing way and makes us wonder what is next for this talented artist.  Keep track of Omar Bowing’s progress at: http://www.omarbowing.com/

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We always keep an eye out for quality songs with well-made music videos on YouTube.  This is one of the best ways to get your music out there nowadays.  YouTube music discovery is becoming more prevalent every day.

Today we came across a pretty little track with some raw emotion to it.  The band Kick Inside has put out a video for their namesake song “Kick Inside”.  It is a relatively simple film showing the band in black and white performing the song.  The powerful feelings about the band’s dislike for modern media are evident right away.  The guitar solo with the camera focusing on the guitar shows the talent of the band.

Enjoy the video for yourself here:



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I can absolutely say that this is by far one band who I instantly fell in love with. is a rarity of indie music talent that formed in mid 2007. Coming from El Paso, Texas, they are one of a kind, whose sounds compare to Two Door Cinema Club, The Pass, Passion Pit, and influences from Circa Survive, Deftones, and Death Cab for Cutie.



Avindale leaves their listeners lost for words because they are anything but amateur. The first song “Azure” made me actually say “wow”. That song strongly drew me in. What I liked the most about the song was vocalist, Oscar Alderete. The lead singer seems so passionate. You can feel the emotion in his voice. With the use of the drums, the guitars, the bass, and keyboard, it’s the perfect mix of ambience, passion and melody, which attracts all listeners. My favorite song would have to be “Summer Meets Winter”. Just that first riff of the guitar catches my attention. It is just captivating.  “Blindman’s Mirror” would have to be my second favorite song. The slow bass line and the easygoing guitar rhythms can make anyone lay back and actually get lost within the music. This band deserves to be recognized on a larger level. Avindale is a band that you should invest your time into listening to and enjoying their soothing beats and rhythms. It is very rare that you would find real music that is not all that well known. The more this band puts out new music, it’s sure to gain more fans and popularity. Avindale should continue their style of music and reach out for more of a diverse audience. If you want to check them out, go to http://www.sonicbids.com/band/avindale and expereince the essense that is Avindale.

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Want to get along with some grooving music?? Here is another towering band that caught our ear : Thorn Blind. The alternative rock band Thorn Blind is based in Dallas, Texas and until now, has entirely lived up to the musical expectation of this lively city. This five-men band together has served some crafty music with the goose bumping progression in their sound.


Thorn Blind was established in 2007 by Kilynn Weber who lead the band with his powerful voice. The blending of accordion with cello and bass by the band relinquish one’s sonic perception. Thorn Blind has been brewing, maybe slow but surely steady, over the last seven years. The band’s naming, inspired from the glorious fairy tale: Rapunzel, depicts the contemplation of the storytelling; the stories of complex emotions and imperfect love. Many of us certainly remember the lover who lost his eyes for the sake of his love from this beautiful story and in the same essence the band seems to maintain the legacy of sacrifice in their music, some for the love and some for this life. Inspired from the american bands like Airborne Toxic Event and The Avett Brothers, Thorn Blind has established itself as progressive, alternative and acoustic rock band on a mission. Some of their numbers, nevertheless, tastes like those of Kings of Leon, the famous alternative rock band. Different artists and the bands out here have taken up the shortcuts of coded music using all those sophisticated digital technologies. However, at the same time, the bands like Thorn Blind, with their gizmos are creating layered acoustic sounds that can shake one’s mind from deep within. “Hating the Night” could be one such masterpiece from Thorn Blind. They, at the same time, have proved their diversity in the composition with the numbers like “Take Me Home to Glenvil”, “Don’t Carry It All” and “True North”. These are just some of the reference numbers by Thorn Blind; every music enthusiasts with the inclination toward alternative and progressive genre should at least go through all the songs by this promising band. Check them out at: www.reverbnation.com/thornblind 

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Any band that is worth their salt must be willing to constantly be evolving to find a sound that is all their own.  Many bands can’t handle this kind of stress and break up due to irreconcilable differences and directions.  Our latest find Mudpusher has pushed through and has found their own style.


The hard metal band from Sweden formed back in 2008 when the members were playing under the name Coffin Crawler.  What started as mainly a doom and death metal band has grown to include many other influences to call their own.  The rhythmic sounds of nu-metal bands like KoRn, Fear Factory and Soulfly became some of Mudpusher’s favorites and pushed the group in the right direction.

The band just keeps pushing forward and has recently released the single/mini EP Sacrilege.  The mini record includes multiple versions of the single “Sacrilege” as well as the B-side track “World Destroyer”.  The strong and powerful sound is there right away.  There seems to be all the good pieces of many different versions of metal mashed into one promising product.  Whether it is the prettiness of the music and vocals of Kimberly Nordqvist on the acoustic version or the in your face rage of the lead track, there is something here.  Keep up with Mudpusher and their epic sound at: http://www.facebook.com/mudpusher

You can stream the new mini EP HERE


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We listen to new music all day here at Indie Band Guru but there seems to be a never ending supply of quality music now in the independent scene.  Luckily we have good friends with good ears that turn us on to talented artists.  The latest such find is Greyce from our connections overseas at OBS music.

The singer/songwriter from the UK has been building up great support over there.  Greyce has been in love with music since she was a pre-teen and put in the hard work to develop her voice and songwriting skills.  Her voice has a sincerity to it that makes every line seem as if she is singing it only to you.  Her latest release is the touching single “Missing You”.  Enjoy the video here:

The pretty piano line makes the listener let their guard down and their heart open to Greyce’s soft lyrics of letting go through the pain that is so hard to release.  The song will be on Greyce’s forthcoming compilation “The Piano Series”.

Keep up with the latest happenings and music at: http://www.greycemusic.com/

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