The advance of technology has been a huge boost for the independent music makers.  No longer is a major label with deep pockets needed to produce a quality album.  The internet has made it possible to find like minds across the world that can easily work together to put out great music often without ever being in the same room or even country.  We recently discovered a website that brings it all together and eliminates your excuses for not having a great sounding album.  Welcome to the new world of

Air Gigs

The unique platform has recently come out of the beta phase and is ready to conquer the world.  On you can search for top talent throughout the music realm.  From session musicians to add that unique xylophone sound you wanted on your newest record to professional engineers ready turn your crappy demo into a slick, well-polished radio ready album, everything is here.  If you have ever heard my voice on recordings you would know I was psyched to find Demo singers for hire ready to put my lyrics into a sound that listeners would find listenable.  AirGigs is setup in a marketplace format, where users can browse service listings in categories such as vocal tracks, bass & guitar tracks, mixing, mastering and more.  Another bonus is that all gigs have an upfront fixed price instead of an hourly rate that has you rushing the work often at the cost of quality.  The ability to eliminate a lot of the superficial costs of doing studio work has enabled the prices for these services to come way down as well.  There are plenty of options to choose from too so you can find exactly what you want.  AirGigs also recently added a Music Marketing section which we will be adding gigs to over the next few days.

Lets make the music world even smaller and work together to get the best possible product out there at the best possible price.  Go get a feel for AirGigs for yourself at:

‘Miracle’ is E-Mute’s debut single, in that sense it does not feature collaborations with other musicians. Miracle features powerful vocals, heart felt lyrics and a haunting piano instrumental as well as percussion beats.

Theo the driving force of the project emotively sings about life and how to find the strength to make the most of the short time we have on earth.

He came up with the main piano arpeggio and melody during a low point in his life. His dad was in hospital and as sad as this was, he only had a few days left and on top of that his band with Scott James of Stereophonics fame had just split up.
It was the first time ever in his life that he experienced this great level of sadness and sorrow, during this point he discovered a new side to his personality. 
Theo is a very positive person but at that particular moment he was overwhelmed by his emotions and was only living in the moment and wasn’t concerned about the past or future and that’s how Miracle came about.
Miracle is real music from the soul (no Miley Cyrus style shenanigans here) and it was a platform for Theo to come to terms with how he was feeling.
One technique he employs whilst songwriting is metaphors, oxymorons and antithesis. 
“Did you notice that the last chorus twists the whole meaning of the song? That ‘YOU’ in capital letters has replaced ‘I’. For me God, the world, the Universe is what we make out of it. We are the Universe’s consciousness. Let’s all try to improve ourselves first and then seek for redemption. That’s the meaning of my song. Hope you enjoy the track!”
Whilst recording the music video Theo wore his Nirvana T-Shirt, as Nirvana was a band he grew up with. The first time he tried out a drum kit during his childhood was to the classic Nirvana tune Smells Like Teen Spirit. In fact as a result of his obsession he fell in love with the band and as a tribute to them inspiring him to become who he is now he pays tribute to them through his attire.
This is the first in a series of singles that E-Mute will be releasing in 2014, so expect more great music from this talented musician.

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Australian alternative rock four piece, Bellusira are a hot new band to look out for, having released their debut album June last year titled ‘Connection’ which received positive press and earned them international attention. The band have been busy since, as recently signed with Stephanie Christie Management and Publicity as well as being co-managed by veteran rocker Will Hunt (Evanescence/Device) and are currently touring in the US for the first time. There’s lots happening for them right now, so we had interviewer Carina Lawrence ask bass player, Mark Dalbeth about being signed, the album, touring and what is to come for the band.


Firstly what does Bellusira mean and how did you come up with the name? 

The name is a combination of two latin words which are Bellus (Beautiful) and Ira (Anger). Life is full of light and dark moments and that also comes through in our music. Our singer Crystal was the one that came up with the idea for the name.

To those who haven’t yet been fortunate enough to hear your music, how would you describe you sound?

I don’t like to put any preconceived ideas into people’s minds about how we sound so generally I just lead them to the music:

You signed with Stephanie Christie Management and Publicity and are also co-managed by veteran rocker Will Hunt (Evanescence/Device), how did this make you feel and what has it been like so far working with them? 

It’s been an incredible experience so far working with those guys. Even though it’s very much the early stages of the relationship, we can already see the benefits starting to come through with having such and amazing team backing us.

You are heading out on your first US tour, how excited are you about this? 

Getting over to the US has always been the big
goal for us. Everything so far has been a step towards achieving that. We are working on dates at the moment with management and will no doubt get those up on our pages soon.

What can attending fans expect from your shows?

The most important thing for us is that people get a show. If people are going to make the effort to come down and support you, the very least you can do is entertain the hell out of them! This whole new thing of looking bored on stage and shoe gazing makes me want to vomit in my mouth.

After your US tour, are there any plans to tour in Europe/UK? And also if you could play anywhere elsewhere would you like to go?

We would love to play in Europe/UK and that is definitely something that we are keen on and have already talked about. The idea of traveling the world and experiences new places while playing music that you love is the ultimate for us, we will happily play any stage, anywhere in the world and love it!

Your debut album, ‘Connection’ was received well in Australia, how proud did this make you feel and what would you say have been the biggest highlights for you as a band so far?

We were very pleased with how the response was from the record. After spending so much time in the studio, it was hard to let go of it but we had to
just believe in the songs and trust that it would make that connection with the fans.

The biggest highlight to date was when we landed the mgmt deal because we knew that we finally had a strong platform to launch from. The most important thing for us is to get our music out to as many people as possible so getting that has certainly put us in a much better position to do so.

What was the recording process like for ‘Connection’ and what are the main themes running through the album?

It was a tough recording process; we had to work really hard on the songs and had very high standards with each section of each song so a lot of culling of ideas was going on. Crystal wrote all the lyrics for the record and as much as she doesn’t have a set theme that she writes about, she always draws from her own life experiences and also how she is feeling about the world that we live in.

Do you have any main influences or inspirations that contributed to the album?

We are a band that listens to a lot of different styles of music so that naturally comes out in the writing process. We also try and stay away from what everyone else is doing in the scene, trying to latch onto something like that will no doubt be career suicide. The most important thing to us is to write the best songs that we can write. It worked
for the Beatles right?

Have you started writing any new material yet, or are you just focusing on touring with your debut at the moment?

We will be pushing the debut album overseas as it will still be pretty new to people over there but saying that Crystal and I have been doing some pre production work on the second release and have around 4 or 5 song ideas that we are starting to develop.

As you’re about to head out on your US tour, have you got anything you would like to say to your fans?

Firstly thank you so much for the support. Every day we get messages from people and it’s amazing how much they love what we do and what the music means to them. Hopefully we can meet a whole bunch of US fans while we are over there and have a drink with them!

Finally, what else does 2014 hold in store for Bellusira?

World domination and meeting Ellen Degeneras! We don’t mind which order that happens in!

If you haven’t already, you need to check out this band:
Keep up to date with the latest news and tour information on their Facebook:

Also check out their latest video for ‘Cachango’:

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Once we find a band that we like we try to keep tabs on them and occasionally check in to see what they are up to.  It is hard always finding the motivation to keep pushing forward in this crazy music business but we hope our support can help and set the hard working bands on the right path to success.

Back last summer we discovered Shell Shock Lullaby from Butte, Montana.  Knowing that it is hard to find local audiences to spread the word about this solid band we hope to spread their music through the internet to all of our readers.  They recently sent us their latest video for “Shades Of Grey”.  The alt-rock song has plenty of pop energy to make it stick in your head along with an entertaining video of movie clips to stimulate you visually as well.  Enjoy the video below:

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It may be on the other side of the world from where I am now in New York City but good things are making their way to me from Australia.  When we see hard work and dedication in a band it transfers to a sense of pride in independent bands everywhere,  Our latest find, Secrets Of A Wooden Hut, has put in the time and is now poised to become a force heard across the globe.

secrets of a wooden hut

The alternative rock band from Melbourne, Australia has built something from the ground up that is meant to bring straight up raw power back to a convoluted rock music scene.  Founding members Scott Murdoch and Heath Mitchell have been making music together since they first met.  After hooking up with producer Joshua Rumer from Los Angeles, bassist Gregg Cash, and singer Samantha Sharpe, the lineup was complete and the band got to work.  The determination of Secrets Of A Wooden Hut was extremely evident as they went in the studio and put together a full 6 song EP in only 3 weeks.

The new EP From The Outside is a full force of energy that seems like it is from a band with a tremendous amount of experience.  The opener “Madness” puts everything on the table right away with soaring vocals over technically skilled guitar lines that create an epic tune.  The title track “From The Outside” fills the sonic palette with noise from all over the spectrum somehow combining into a beautiful pice of music.  The production really shines through here.  The band shows off a hard side on “Eternal” with an angry churning guitar pushed forward by powerful drums.  In only 6 songs Secrets Of A Wooden Hut shows true potential and leaves us waiting for more.  Keep up with the band at:

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In this point in time an artist must realize that just being a musician is not enough.  Society yearns for a full multimedia experience from their musical artists.  There must be an image to go along with the songs.  There also needs to be something behind the music for the potential fan to connect with.  Fans want a look inside the artist not just to hear a catchy song anymore.

It seems that our recent find Ran Dosis truly understands this and has created a character to go with his music.  He  seeks to not only musically bring back the notion of singer-songwriters playing and performing their own material, but also to use visual esoteric symbolism and metaphors in a way that actually reflect the lyrics, meaning and essence of the songs.

Enjoy his debut video “Birthright” below:

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