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C.K. Flach Shares Raw Emotion on Empty Mansions

For a songwriter to be successful they must be able to find inspiration everywhere. It is not always these deep underground feelings that have to be shared. There is plenty of things happening in the world every day that needs a song to make them digestible and even make the difficult situations interesting to connect

Kyler Aagard Finds Real Inspiration

There are many motivating factors for pursuing a career in music. Some artists solely want fame and fortune while others have a more noble purpose. To put in the amount of hard work and time needed to become a success you need a real inspiration. Our recent discovery Kyler Aagard is making music for all

Magazine Gap Returns With ‘In Two Minds’

We receive an uncountable amount of music submissions here at Indie Band Guru.  When we come across a band that we feel truly has the potential for great things we like to keep an ear on them.  Our friends from Magazine Gap just sent us their latest video which continues our belief that they are