Make A Wish On “11:11”

Kooly Bros and Lil Scrappy are intent on getting crazy and celebrating the start of a new chapter in their lives in the video for their collaborative single “11:11,” and if you’re a fan of good times among friends set to killer beats, you’re going to like the vibe being served up here. Although there’s a melodic element to this song that really turns up the heat when we’re expecting it the least, the rhythm and the rambunctiousness of the players is what ultimately drives the track and its signature video home, especially for those of us who need some extra push in our beats. 

The vocal dynamic between these three artists is fire, but the chemistry that they share isn’t limited to the performance end of the music alone. Contrarily, I think that the way these lyrics are constructed allows for maximum fluidity between the players, particularly as they bridge together the hook with the verses and find some even ground in an otherwise rigid arrangement of bass and percussion. They’re each proving that they’ve got something hot to bring to the table, and if you didn’t know about their talents before hearing this piece, there’s no walking away from “11:11” without acknowledging it. 

Watch the video for “11:11” below

This is probably the best NYE single I’ve heard in a while, and I really love the message that it’s sending about Kooly Bros, Lil Scrappy, and the scene they’re repping together so well. There’s been a lot of tension in the underground as a swelling commercial influence wields more and more control over what was once the last bastion of DIY content in western pop music, but this is an anthem of comradery and excitement for 2022 that just might do something to remind folks that art – and those who are responsible for making it – is bigger than scene politics. 

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