9 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your First Music Festival

music festival

One of the best ways to enjoy music is by listening to it live. Nothing can beat the rush of adrenaline you get while swaying to the beat of your favorite song under colorful lights with people who love it as much as you. That’s why everyone needs to attend a music festival at least once in their life. 

Music festivals can be a blast – if you know how to do them right. By that, we mean that a little bit of planning can go a long way. Don’t make it stressful for yourself, but having a rough idea of your transportation, meals, and the journey can help you enjoy yourself to the fullest. 

So to guarantee the best experience at every music festival you wish to attend, consider implementing the list of tips below.

1. Early Booking

It is always a good idea to buy your tickets as soon as possible because most music festivals offer good discounts at the start to boost sales. So the earlier you book your tickets, the better your chances of getting a reasonable price. Towards the end, ticket prices might shoot up when only a few spots are available with many people waiting. So if you want to attend the summer classical music festival in 2023, keep an eye out for the dates and tickets by October/November. 

2. Schedule your journey and find a map

Before arriving, study the local site map and confirm the performer’s schedules. It will help you understand the surroundings and determine when and where your favorite artists will perform. Then, as soon as you arrive at the location, get an area guide to learn where are the essential facilities, such as toilets, medical care, lost and found, checkpoints, etc. Being aware of the schedule and your surroundings will guarantee that you do not miss out on any of the performances and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

3. Comfortable attire

While everyone wants to be a fashion icon and opt for a chic look, it is better to wear comfortable clothes and shoes so that you don’t have to worry about aching feet or restricted movement as you dance to your favorite beat. Since you often have to be on your feet, wear sturdy walking shoes. Also, since most music festivals happen in the summer, wear an outfit that keeps you cool.  

4. Sun and Rain protection

While you can dress comfortably for the heat, it is vital that you also factor in protection from the blazing sunlight. Liberally apply sunscreen on all exposed areas of your body and wear a large hat or carry an umbrella to shelter yourself. Similarly, prepare yourself for encountering rain. Standing in the rain soaking wet can get annoying pretty fast, and you don’t want to risk getting sick on your trip. Also, consider packing waterproof boots because if it pours, you will need sturdy shoes to wade through a swamp.

5. Carry an appropriate amount of cash

Keeping cash handy is always a good idea if you want to buy local products from nearby kiosks or shops. While some stores accept credit cards as payment, the smaller shops or carts might not offer that facility. Hence it is advisable to carry a certain amount of money so you can purchase souvenirs for yourself and people back home and also enjoy local delicacies. Of course, you can always withdraw cash from an ATM, but you will surely, encounter a long line of people. 

6. Carry snacks and water

Amidst the fun and dancing, you use lots of energy and sweat profusely. So carry a reusable water bottle with you, which you can fill up at water stations to ensure you ’don’t get dehydrated. Also, consider keeping dry snacks like nuts and granola, which you can munch on to maintain your energy levels.

7. Have a rendezvous point

People can easily get lost at festivals because not only is there a large crowd, but because after having some drinks, you become more carefree and relaxed. So to avoid losing track of your friends and family, select a common rendezvous point where you all can gather if you get separated.

8. Connect with new people

Contrary to what many believe, music festivals aren’t just about music. They also provide an excellent opportunity to bond with the area locals and other music fans attending the festival. So feel free to engage in a conversation with those around you to make new friends who might turn out to share the same likes and dislikes as you. You might end up planning your next music festival with them.

9. Be prepared for pickpockets

Consider wearing a money belt to protect your money. Festivals provide an ideal opportunity for pickpockets to loot people, and losing all your funds is not the experience you want to take from your first music festival. So wearing a money belt under your clothes is the perfect way to keep your money safe as you push through crowded spots. Of course, if you prefer not to carry all your money in your belt, you can hold a wallet instead and take cash from the ATM as you need it. 


Attending a music festival is truly a remarkable experience, and you should do it at least once in your life. There is no better way to enjoy live music and watch your favorite bands perform. Music festivals provide the perfect opportunity to break free of the monotony of daily life, meet new people and unwind. Since music festivals are about entertainment and enjoyment, follow these tips to make the most of your first festival!

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