When music becomes more than just a collection of sounds a certain kind of magic happens.  There are feelings and emotions that a song can capture that makes it much more than a passing listen.  The thoughts that can be evoked can make a person run the gamut of emotions from sadness to exuberance.  One artist that reaches for this style of sound is our latest find Aaron Baldes.

Aaron Blades

The 26 year old Wyoming native can be considered a composer/guitarist/pianist/singer/songwriter.  Aaron grew up loving the power of metal music and was known as a metal head.  As he matured he moved on to many different styles preferring jazz, classical, and funk.  This growth has led to Aaron Baldes producing electronic music that takes influence from all his previous styles with the main focus of creating an emotional reaction with his songs.

Earlier this month the release of Horizons introduced his sound to the world.  The 11 track album of short electronic pieces is innovative and unique.  There is a certain feel of 19th Century romantic era music being totally updated for a new audience.  The opener and title track “Horizons” wakes the listener up with its sense of style and exotic sound structure.  When you hit “Darkness In The Groove” your body is forced to move by the energy and pulsating dance beat.  This could fit well in any dance club setting.  An eerie feeling is let in on “Frost” which will set your mind up for more exotica.  Another favorite is “Rapture” which will wind its way deep into your psyche and have its way with you.  Your brain does not know which way to go next but it seems to enjoy the ride.  Go experience the album as a whole for yourself at: www.aaronbaldes.com

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