Dedication to a goal is a tremendous force in the life of a musician.  Becoming a success in the music game is not an easy task and must be approached with both feet running forward.  We came across a good example of this drive in Peter Hung of the band Surefire.

Peter, a 22 year old Taiwanese man, dreamed of becoming a musician most of his life. He took the leap and came to America to make that dream come true settling in Boston, Mass.  In January 2012 he formed the band Surefire with fellow hard worker Mike Leone and released a debut full-length Another Take On The Same Difference.  Unsatisfied with the direction the music was taking Peter shook up the whole group and is now back with a new direction.  This refreshing new blues rock sound gets its first exposure with “By The Streetlight”.  This single is a prime example of the collective artistry and creativity that this group possesses. This song is named after a girl that Peter saw who was dancing next to a street light in Madrid, Spain. It is about the hardship that current youths have stacking up unbelievable debt at an early age. It is a fast paced electro rock song that will get your heart to skip a few beats. The drums really keep that rhythm of the song pumping with smooth melodic harmonies that capture your attention right from the start.

Enjoy the first music video from Surefire below:

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