A band trying to find their own unique sound takes time.  Many bands transform over time from one specific genre to another that even the band members didn’t see happening when they got together to make their first recordings.  This growth is a wonderful thing if the band touches their fans enough to get them to follow along on their musical journey.  A good example of a musical evolution is the band Grenouer.


The band from Saint Petersburg, Russia has been building their own brand of alternative metal for the past 2 decades.  Grenouer began their career with driving beats and relentless riffs squarely in the hard metal genre.  As the band’s skills grew so did their experimentation into a more mainstream alt-rock sound.  Do not get me wrong, Grenouer still holds on to their metal roots but expands the genre with melodic use of delicate emotions.

This past summer the band released their seventh full length album Blood On The Face through Mausoleum Records.  At this point they have reached a crossroads of powerful metal and alternative rock that can please ears of all genres.  For this one the band went out and found a wide assortment of collaborators to work behind the scenes including platinum selling producer Anssi Kippo, the dysFUNCTION team for mixing, and engineer Mika Jussila to master the album.  The opening electro sounds of “Thunder Phase” only slightly prepare you for what is to come.  Title track “Blood On The Face” is a powerful mix of repetitive but catchy guitar play and anthemic vocals that will suck the listener in.   There are influences heard of bands like The Deftones on the electro-metal track “Midday Show”.  Power exudes from the speakers on this one.  The tone is slowed down slightly on “The Taste Of Misery” and “See No Sun” to let the listener enter the emotions of Grenouer.  There is no time to relax though. The closer “All In The Suit That You Wear” attacks with a forceful guitar tone and a pretty melody behind it tying the song together.  This one takes a few listens to truly experience.  The music of Grenouer will be escaping to the rest of the world soon.  Jump on board now at:   http://grenouer.com/

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