Aaron Rizzo Combines Jazz, Pop, and Rock in Debut Album

Aaron Rizzo

Despite releasing his debut album a year ago, Aaron Rizzo is still riding the wave caused by the pop-rock hybrid Blck Tee Shrt. The combination of all things rock, pop, blues, R&B, and hip-hop makes every track on the album different from the last while keeping Rizzo’s flawless vocals on the forefront.

Aaron Rizzo Goes Solo, Bringing Varied Influences with Him

Beginning his musical career playing in various rock, blues, and jazz bands, Aaron Rizzo has graduated on to the pursuit of a solo career with Blck Tee Shrt.

Opening on “Gasoline,” you can clearly hear the blues-rock influences in Rizzo’s life. Filled with bluesy guitar riffs, layers on layers of distorted guitar, and Rizzo’s smooth vocals singing “soaked in gasoline” behind a 12-bar blues standard with R&B influences mixed in, you can hear clearly how Rizzo takes elements across genres and melts them together to perform something new.

“Florence” shows the more stripped down side of Rizzo. Acoustically driven with an electric melody over top, Rizzo gently sings to a love. “Wondering where my body will lie one day,” Rizzo gently delivers onto the track. The most stripped down Rizzo gets on the album, you can hear the clear differences in not only genre but delivery that he can deliver.

Bringing together the classic rock sound, layered with blues influences and an R&B stylized bassline, “Social Anxiety” takes you on a journey through every element that great rock needs. Delivering it with true rock style, Rizzo’s vocals add enough edge to the track, stylizing it making it all his own. Complete with an organ interlude, you can’t deny the need to move along with the beat.

Rizzo is more than just your average singer-songwriter. The singer can also play multiple instruments, produce, and engineer recordings. His self recorded, mixed, and produced debut album Blck Tee Shrt dropped just over a year ago and its still turning heads on a regular basis. Across the album you can hear influences from John Mayer to BJ The Chicago Kid.

Find Aaron Rizzo online, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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