Melanie Edwards Shows How to Keep Going with “Just Don’t Stop

Melanie Edwards

Amidst a beautiful piano and the illustrious vocals of Melanie Edwards, “Just Don’t Stop” provides a message deeper than words.

The Beauty Behind Personal Strength

With the upbeat build of a pop song paired effortlessly with the intensity of a ballad, “Just Don’t Stop” has a simple message. Aptly named, the message of having a strong personal drive during one’s personal journey is clear, as it flows throughout the entirety of the song.

The glittering lyricism over the simple, beautiful piano is the very simplicity modern pop begs for sometimes. As a singer-songwriter, Melanie Edwards was able to add her personal flair within. The pop singer explains in her unique, eloquent voice that life can sometimes be too much. Unbearable. Ridiculous.

Pulling from her own experiences, the audience can definitely, and easily, identify with the feeling behind the words. That hopelessness that sometimes can crush a spirit. But more than the negative feeling is the unwavering optimism, carrying itself proudly throughout the single. Bravery has as much of an importance to the composure as the music as trials and tribulations do.

Melanie Edwards’s Personal Flair and Musical Finesse

“Life can be so cruel, everybody knows, but you’ve got to keep on going.”

As the lyrics repeat themselves, the message grows stronger. It becomes almost a mantra as the instrumentals float through the speakers. A theatrical flourish puts the dream just in reach for this tune, a talent Edwards imposes on more than just this single.

Moreover, from this track alone, it’s clear that Melanie is here to impress.The singer-songwriter’s 11th album is set to release next month, and with a title track like “Just Don’t Stop” on it, this will definitely be one to watch.

And don’t be fooled, “Just Don’t Stop” isn’t an accidental success. The two other singles featured from the record, “Venus” and “Blue Velvet Tears,” blatantly show the talent and composure of this pop diva. Her maturity with vocals are bright and wise.

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