There is an extraordinary amount of stimuli out there to inspire an artist to create his art.  Many of this is meaningless little things that do not relate to anyone else.  On the other hand sometimes an artist uses his craft to take a stand and bring a real issue to the minds of his followers.  One such artist with meaning is our latest find Adam Schneider.

The semi-folk musician chooses to take specific issues and share his feelings on them turning it into song.  Adam hopes to use his voice for positive change in today’s struggling society.  T

he latest release by Adam Schneider is the full length Turning Away album.  The 10 song record is based upon civil rights as a whole and society’s common theme of Turning Away from the complicated issues.  The opener “No Home” highlights Adam’s alluring voice and songwriting skills while tackling the sadness of homelessness.  The minimalistic feel to “Heels Of Judgement” with its blues feel and piano pushing it forward stands out.  The emotion of the lyrics is very evident here.  The mood picks up with “Give It The Light” and its peppy positive tone.  Adam can see the light at the end of the darkness.  The closing title track “Turning Away” bleeds with feelings too.  Again the vocals lead the way while truly making a call to action to change the current state of society.  It is impossible to listen to this album and not want to be a better person afterwards.  One listen at a time.  Keep up with Adam Schneider at:

And have a listen at :

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