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Fans have been waiting eagerly for new music by Airport Impressions. Since the release of their impressive album Marriette, the only material they have shared was called “Ivy”. However, they have performed new tracks while they have been out on tour, this included their latest single “Faith”. 

“Faith” feels like the guys have not been away. It captures the essence of what makes Airport Impressions stand out but still has a freshness about it. They start things off with great use of keys and electronic beats to set up the mood for the track. Errol Sammut comes in with his impressive vocal presence to deliver the opening lines “Is it all that you want / Is it all that you need / And  I will have faith / And I will have goals”. It all comes together to create their style of emotive rock.

The song itself is about “refusing to let the weight of modern life bear down upon your goals”. This theme is reflected within their lyrics, especially when the track comes to a close. Their words “I will always heal the night / I will always heal if you are right here by my side / I will always feel the fire / If you’re gone / So have faith in us again” says it all.

When it comes to the chorus, they show off their ability to create a hook that makes you sing along. It is a quality that has been an integral feature of their songwriting. When this moment arrives, it is difficult not to join in with the lines “High High every single one / Singing high high every single door that I will open will be. High high every single one / Would you tell me? / Tell me higher and blinder we go”. 

‘Faith’ is yet another anthemic track by Airport Impressions

Overall, “Faith” is yet another outstanding track by Airport Impressions. It again highlights their ability to create anthemic tracks that are full of heart. The guys have more new material in the works. They aim to release a new single by the end of the year, followed by a collection of songs in 2020. Their fans will be happy with this news. 

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