Alexia Chambi Releases Her Captivating EP ‘I Blossom While I Cry’

Alexia Chambi

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a few years since Alexia Chambi released her impressive debut EP Bolivia. With this release, her delicate and soulful tone stole the show. However, her way with words also stood out. No song showcased her talents more than the acoustic R&B offering “Juice You”. It highlighted a depth and range to her songwriting and vocals. 

Since then, Chambi has been busy performing and working on new material. She also released the singles “Tiny Hands”, “Second Date”, “Stay Here” (with Ralph Taylor), and “Empty Vase”. Her collaboration with Jack Trouble produced the stunning “Grow”. The way both of their vocals intertwine delivers something special. Now, she returns with her new collection of songs called I Blossom While I Cry. It is a four-track EP in which she says “complexities of love and reflects on how to integrate hardship in life, as water to flower seeds”.

The first single to be released, “Blood Between My Thighs”, starts off the EP. As soon as it begins, her delicate and soulful tone is mesmerising. It moves along so effortlessly, sharing her lyrical talents. She talks about how life can be relentless with the lines, “Every day is a combat / Even in ways that / Seem so unworthy of my energy / but they still come at me”. But it shows how she does not give up, “I fight with my words / I fight with creativity/ I channel the moon / oh there’s no stopping me”.

“If I Could” talks about changing things when a relationship ends badly. Setting the scene with its opening lines, “I am / Holding on / To a feeling / That I am not / Feeling no more”. As always, her voice is the star. The smoothness of the delivery of the lyrics is beautiful on the ears. The use of words to describe the situation feels as if Chambi is speaking from experience. Especially when the chorus arrives with “If I could choose to go back in time / I’d take a deep breath / Rearrange my mind / If I could choose to be by your side / If I could choose I would make it right”.

Chambi opens up “Every Time” with a gentle funky mood set up by some excellent guitar work. As always, her soulful tone comes in to enhance the mood. Her way with words shine yet again, with lines such as “I lie to myself / Say, I must fight the feelings / You know me too well / Say that there’s no reason”. However, it is the soundtrack that stands out the most. The smooth groove delivered by the bass and guitar is as captivating as her voice.

Saving the best for last comes “Love Me Like You Loved Her”. She opens up with the lines, “Love me like you loved her, baby / No one above you, baby / Promise me someday you’ll be ready”. As Chambi shares these words, it features a soundtrack created by the soft use of keys that switch to the guitar. The mood is enriched further with additional layers of instruments, including some subtle beats.

I Blossom While I Cry is yet another collection of songs which Alexia Chambi vocal talents shine

Lyrically, there is a lot on offer. Chambi uses this talent to paint various moments within this story about a relationship. She does with lines such as, “You get me / Coffee / Without asking / Why you gotta treat me so good”. Either observational comments or personal, this songwriter knows how to describe the various emotions. It helps to make it easy for the listener to connect. It is a quality that flows throughout I Blossom While I Cry. Do yourself a favour and give this EP a listen, you will not be disappointed.

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