Most of the music in the hip hop scene is a collaboration of a bunch of different talents putting in their particular pieces to build a flashy finished product.  It is rare that we find an artist like Angel Parrilla that does all the work for himself.

Angel Parrilla

The 24 year old from Miami, Florida has been in the game for a while but now is ready to take on all the responsibilities.  For his latest project Universe Angel Parrilla made all the beats to back up his rapping.  This is quite an accomplishment for the 13 track album.

Right from the opener “Love Life” and its soulful sample you know you are in for something different.  The title track “Universe” lays down a funky deep bass line while Angel drips trippy flows bringing the listener into some sort of trance-like state.  There is a wide variety of noise filling the sonic space on “Atmosphere”.  It all swells well together.  Quite an accomplishment for the young producer.  It you allow yourself to listen to the lyrics, especially on tracks like “Someday” and “Collective Vibrations” you will hear the positive message that Angel Parrilla is trying to share with everyone.

Take a listen to the album for yourself here

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