Anna Cole Lets us Know “You Get To Me”

Anna Cole

In today’s music world the artist needs to be more than just great music. The fans want an inside track to find out more about who you really are. What you believe in and support has to be on display right alongside your music. Our recent find Anna Cole is a rising star that hopes to shed light on the issues that teens are facing and sharing her thoughts as she matures.

Hailing from North Carolina, the teenager began her music career in 2017 with a goal of being more than just a pop star. The early songs of Anna Cole touch on subjects that affect her peers, particularly bullying. This relatability continues as she grows and shares personal stories of love and growth. 

Staying within the electro-pop and dance genres, Anna Cole pumps up the energy within her music. Influences are diverse including Dua Lipa, Anne Marie, Sigala, and classic rockers Journey. Her sound continues to develop with some help working with Austin Leeds (Avicii, Paul Van Dyk) and video director Patrick Lincoln. 

The newest release by Anna Cole is “You Get To Me”. There is a powerful vibe throughout the track. The bouncy dance beat gets the blood pumping and bodies moving quickly. Within the lyrics she adds a sultry delivery that draws the listener in close. It seems as if she has her eyes set on someone special but is pushing him to make a move. He shouldn’t wait too long because Anna Cole is about to get lots of attention.Keep up with more from Anna on her WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM.

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