It seems like Sundays at Indie Band Guru have unofficially become Electronic Trance Sunday.  As I get older I really need these Sunday mornings to recover from a weekend of seeing shows and experiencing the scene.  There is so much music out there that is has become easy to find something new to listen to every week for this downtime.  Today’s find is Aphonic Oracle.

Maliki is the main force behind Aphonic Oracle.  He has been at the craft for a while and now has morphed into a producer and remixer as well.  The music is smooth and elegant in a way even with the pounding bass and drums driving into your head.  Vocals are added to some songs to add another element but they are used sparingly which I feel is a good thing.

Aphonic Oracle’s last release was the Starlight EP which is really just 11 remixes of the song ‘Starlight’.  It is an OK song but the vocals did not mesh great and I felt I needed to hear more.  As I dove deeper I found the album Only The Beginning released earlier, which is a much more eclectic mix of electronica.  This was the music I was looking for.  ‘Astronomiks’ is a fun bouncy trance song that really works its way into your head through multiple layers of sound.  The Paul Oakenfold influence is obvious here.  Another interesting track is ‘Xenon’.  Its pitter patter opening grabbed me right away and Aphonic Oracle only added to the interest with a full on rap verse throughout the otherwise trance based song.  He adds some nice vocals effects here as well.

As the album title suggests this is Only The Beginning of Aphonic Oracle’s career but it is definitely a good base to work with and he has the possibility of creating some great music as he progresses.  It is a trendy expression, let’s see where it goes from here.

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