‘Shout’ Along With Arnold Mitchem

Arnold Mitchem

For a working songwriter, there will always be musical ideas coming to mind. Your job is to turn them into complete songs. Often times these songs will be ready even before musical fate has them scheduled on the fate playlist. Always keep an open ear to the world to see when a previous song can make a major impact. That time has come for Arnold Mitchem and his single “Shout”

The singer-songwriter now based in North Carolina has put a long time into music but his passion has never wavered. Arnold Mitchem has spent years as a touring musician, sideman, solo artist, and poet. He has played with and learned from the best. Names such as Jeff Buckley, Danny Carey, John Humphrey, and Chris Whitley.

Arnold Mitchem spent the last year writing and recording his latest record Drive. Going from Nashville to L.A. with stops in Memphis created plenty of inspiration for songwriting. Even though the song “Shout” from the album was written in late 2018/early 2019 and had some success, the current events and social unrest brought the meaning of the song right back to the forefront. To freshen up the track, Arnold brought in rapper Jason Pittman to add a feature and make the song even more relevant to what is happening in our wild world right now. As Mitchem belts out “Shout it from the mountaintop, we’ve got to stand together” the power comes right through the speakers with real emotion.

The mix of gritty blues, straight-up rock, and some hip-hop makes for a truly engaging track. A song that really can bring us all together. Take it to heart and let’s build a better world.

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