How to grow your fanbase through networking

One of the hardest things to do for an indie band just starting out is to get fans to attend your shows. There is just too much entertainment competition to even get people to leave the comfort of their own homes nowadays. Here is a simple idea to get people to come out to a gig and turn them into rabid fans who will help support your career.

[ad#text wrap]Today’s music consumer is looking for more than just a good song that appeals to their ear. Music fans today, especially those interested in indie music, are looking for more of a relationship with the artist. They want to be the ones to say “I saw them first and actually I am friends with the guitarist.” This is where developing a rapport with potential fans really comes into play. Before, during, and after your set you should be mingling and conversing with the fans. Introduce yourself, tell them a little about your music, and start to develop a relationship. Music fans want to feel like they are involved with a band that they like. Take this chance to ‘interview’ them. Find out what they like about coming out to see live music and then give it to them. This is the beginning of the artist-fan connection.

These new fans can become the rabid fans that a new band needs. Make each one feel like they are a personal friend. Have random conversations with them. Be outgoing. These new fans will get their friends to come out and see their ‘new friend’s’ band next time you play out. Now meet and greet these new potential fans and the cycle starts all over again. It becomes a snowball effect and before you know it you have more and more friends/fans coming out just to hang out. Finally a good use for a pyramid scam.

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Don’t be afraid to ask your fans for favors. It you have developed a good relationship with them they will be more than willing to help out. This creates a community of fans that want to see their new ‘friend’ succeed. This community creates great networking opportunities as well. You shouldn’t be surprised to discover that one of your ‘friends’ has a buddy that books for a great venue that you have been trying to get into, or a friend that writes for a great music magazine that would love to interview your band now. It is a small world, just ask and you will be surprised at what you receive.

Keith Pro
-Indie Band Guru