As crazy as the music world has spread out today with more genres than you could count, it is sometimes nice to just hear a bare bones rock band that enjoys crafting songs that are not meant to change the world.  These bands always have the most fun by not pretending to be something that they are not and just having fun on the ride.  Our latest find seems to fit this mold.  Let us introduce you to Ash Wednesday,

Ash Wednesday

The Richmond, Kentucky band has been doing it for over ten years and pleasing fans all along the way.  Ash Wednesday is made up of Zach Barnett – Lead Guitar/Vocals, Larry Morton – Bass Guitar, Josh Nolan – Guitar/Vocals, Kevin Shearer – Rhythm Guitar, and Daylan Kinser – Drums/Vocals.  They have realized music fans will always have a place in their heart for a real live rock band living the rockstar lifestyle without all the flair and cockiness.  Their sound is an uplifting mix of jangly rock with subtle influences from throughout the rock spectrum, a throwback to a simpler time.

Through their career Ash Wednesday has released six albums and played shows at every venue that would have them.  They sent us over some music to check out and it was a nice listen.  The first track ‘Something Good’ is an driving acoustic guitar song with feeling.  The vocals are very welcoming and heart-warming calling for an audience sing-a-long.  Other songs such as ‘Can’t Buy Me Time’ and ‘Middle Of The Story’ brought me back to a fun time in the mid 90’s with memories of bands like Blues Traveler and the Gin Blossoms.  There is no hint of modern studio tricks like auto-tune and over-dubbing here.  This is just 5 guys enjoying themselves playing songs that make the listener feel all warm and cozy inside.  The song ‘Sundress’ really jumped out at me as an energetic rock track that will force any listener to bob their head and get into the sound.  We advise everyone to go give Ash Wednesday a listen at:

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