Astroblue Express Lets Your Mind Find Them

Astroblue Express

In this new social media happy world, we are often left expecting to find out everything about an artist immediately upon discovering their music.  While this is sometimes helpful, the lack of immediate gratification can garner even more attention.  This seems to be the tactic of our recent find Astroblue Express.

All we could find out about the new indie band is that they are creating music that is able to reach deep into your soul.  The band is avoiding giving out any details on its members to let the focus be on the songs.  And they seem to know exactly what they are doing.  The music of Astroblue Express has been spreading organically and reaching exactly the type of fans that the group is searching for.  This Dream-Pop sound has been hitting us deep lately with other recent discoveries such as SQRD and Second Still

Who Is Astroblue Express?

Their dream pop sound is fresh and taken to a higher level.  The project produces an original sound that fuses electronic music with trippy orchestral ambiance and layers experimental R&B and soprano vocals on top.  This lush and full soundscape will meld directly from your speakers to your mind.

Prepare to enter the Astroblue Express world.  “Catch Me” is a track that grabbed me right away.  The amalgamation of noises to start the song confuse the brain as it searches for something to grab on to.  The vocals soon demand that focus with their sultry tone and delivery.  The ambient background pushes the track along like drifting on a soft cloud.



There is a message to Astroblue Express music as well as we hear in “Type It”.  The haunting sound gives way to an energizing beat that wakes you from your slumber.  The lyrics here are a direct attack on the hold that our phones and social media have on us today.  The female vocal sings “Everyone’s addicted to screen, Square dreams, sexy plastic, Do you love me back? Does it love me back?”.  Are you part of this brainwashed society?

The group takes it in another direction with “Midnight Drifter”.  The soprano vocals reach new heights as the minimalistic beat creeps along in the background.  The hypnotic effect of the song will let your mind search itself for new meaning and goals.  

Dive into the full Quarter To Somewhere album by Astroblue Express on their SOUNDCLOUD and let yourself into a new higher existence.

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