Astronaut and The Trees Conclude Their EP with Death By Volcano


As true music lovers here at Indie Band Guru we love to watch the development of a band and stay in the loop as they put together their catalog of music.  It allows us to connect with the musicians and feel like we are a part of what is happening.  Granted we are crazier about music than most people but there are others like us that want this connection to their music.  The band Astronaut and The Trees has become part of our tribe and their music continues to impress us.

Although they hail from the other side of the country, sometimes Idaho and sometimes Washington, the power of the internet has let us witness their growth from the beginning.  WIth just Andru Gomez on guitar, harmonica, and vocals and Will Thompson behind the drum kit, Astronaut and The Trees fills all the sonic space available with a full wall of sound.  There seems to be sound coming from every corner of the speakers directly into your brain.

Death By Volcano caused by Astronaut and The Trees

They just send us the the final track to their Into The Crater EP.  The long play (it is over 7 minutes long) song is titled “Death By Volcano”.  The mellow and intricate opening lets your mind relax before the all out assault comes in with growling guitars and mesmerizing drum beats.  This one is quite the journey taking you on a ride through many different sides of what the duo can do.  The EP flows very well and demands a listen from start to end to get a full grasp of the monster that is Astronaut and The Trees.

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